2011 for France is the Year of Overseas Territories, and Caraïbes Editions, publisher of the Asterix albums in West Indian Creole and Réunion Creole, invites you to join the party! Throughout September, take part in our Asterix Quiz and try to win one of the five sets of the four albums translated into Creole. Up for grabs: Gran Kannal La (Asterix and the Great Divide) and La Zizanni (Asterix and the Roman Agent, of course) in West Indian Creole, and Astérix la kaz Razade (Asterix and the Magic Carpet) and Lo Dévinèr (Asterix and the Soothsayer) in Réunion Creole.

For fans, it is a translation extravaganza. For example, in Gran Kannal La, the villagers on the right side of the great divide speak Creole from Guadeloupe whilst the villagers on the left of the great divide speak Creole from Martinique. Asterix's village distinguishes itself by speaking Martinique Creole mixed with expressions taken from Guadeloupian Creole in a fashion similar to that of the West Indians from Guadeloupe and Martinique who immigrated to metropolitan France. As for the Romans, well, the publisher has conjured up an "acrolect of Creole", or indeed a "Proto-Creole"…Pretty Rock 'n' Creole, don't you think?!

In any case, there is a lot of pleasure to be had reading these albums which are already a huge success in the French overseas territories. They will also perfectly complement your Asterix lover's library!

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