Since 14 September Asterix Domino Mania has swept through the Auchan supermarket chain! You have until 1 November to collect 36 illustrated dominos, featuring the main characters in the Adventures of Asterix, from the 130 Auchan stores around France.

How can you get hold of these dominos? Everything is explained in detail on the website, especially created for this promotion. A website overflowing with surprises such as Flash games allowing you to settle the score with Roman legionaries, or a previously unseen video that speaks volumes about the Domino Mania currently gripping the Gauls!

And for the collectors among you, a limited edition game board is available in Auchan stores: everything you need to assemble your domino collection in an out-and-out Village of the Indomitables setting!

And that’s not all…New surprises are to be announced, the nature of which will be revealed in the near future. Watch this space!

The Asterix Domino Mania website