The summer holidays are almost upon us and parents of little Gauls everywhere are already worrying about how they are going to occupy their little darlings during those long chariot journeys on the roads of Gaul. The answer is simple, by Toutatis: the Asterix Happy Families game!

With 42 special cards, divided into seven families of six cards, the only thing needed for some side-splitting fun are players - both young and old! The family names alone are enough to predict that a good time is going to be had by all: Asterix & Obelix, Cleopatra & Caesar (a surprising family with Brutus, Caesarion, and even Cleopatra's taster and panther!), the Gauls, the Romans, and the Friends…the Foes!

In a vertical format similar to traditional Tarot cards (130mm x 70mm to be precise), combining comfort with aesthetic pleasure, these cards come in an impressive cardboard case. And, since good things always come in threes, Hachette and Les Editions Albert René are offering the Asterix Happy Families game for free with every purchase of two Asterix albums at all participating French bookshops.

Hurry, however, as stocks are limited!