Historic day, record audiences, huge new success… All summer long, articles from the press concerning French TV viewing figures have had the sweet smell of victory that has undoubtedly got up that Roman nose of our dear Julius.

Every Monday, the viewing public would gather en masse in front of channel W9 in order to watch or even re-watch animated films adapted from Asterix albums. A success that presented TNT with its best ever viewing figures on 15 August, and this on the back of the record viewing figures registered during the broadcast of Asterix and the Vikings only a few months ago.

The usual star attraction of the end of year festivities, Asterix films have now also moved to conquer the summer period, with exactly the same overwhelming success. In our wildest dreams we could not have imagined a more fitting display of public affection for our favourite Gauls at a time when we were celebrating the 85th anniversary (14 August) of the birth of René Goscinny, co-creator, with Albert Uderzo, of Asterix.