It's game on! Every day, Asterix fans around the world play the Grand Gaulish Quiz, answering 20 questions selected at random from a pool of several hundred. Every month, those fans quickest to reply correctly to all 20 questions have their aliases engraved in the virtual marble of the "Gaulish Hall of Fame". Ix, Ineslusitana and Valentix, champions (nearly) always on the podium each month can now legitimately feel as proud as Getafix when he was named best Gaulish druid in the Forest of Carnutes.

All the more so with the game becoming more and more complex with the regular addition of dozens of new questions, designed to bring to the fore the most expert of Asterix experts... So are you one of them? You only have to prove it by playing the Grand Gaulish Quiz and perhaps attain a good place in the annual general ranking, topped brilliantly last year by Leskonix.