Do you know Oumpah-Pah the Indian, distinguished member of the Shavashavah tribe? If so, then you will be delighted to learn that this comic book hero, created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, is now back in action. And if not, well, all we can say is that we envy your opportunity to discover this timeless series for the first time!

As the first character ever created by the authors of Asterix, Oumpah-Pah is a bit like the older brother of the most famous of Gauls. The five adventures in which he features alongside his friend Hubert de la Pâte Feuilletée already featured all the comic ingredients that make Asterix so magically hilarious.

Comic repetition, word and language play, parodies of famous songs, invocations of exotically named gods, anachronistic cultural references (such as the notable invention of chewing gum!), the comic rewriting of history… It's all there! "The comical situations, for example in the Indian village, the forest, the battles and the slanging matches, is very similar to that in Asterix" explains Albert Uderzo. "In just this name alone: 'N'a-qu'une-dent-mais-elle-est-tombée-alors-maintenant-n'en-a-plus' (Only-had-one-tooth-but-it-fell-out-so-now-has-none), previously known as 'N'a-qu'une-dent' (Only-has-one-tooth), you can see the spirit of Goscinny !"

So... Oumpah-Pah made his triumphant return last Friday (20th May) as the star of a special exhibit at the European Comic Book Fair in Nîmes. Furthermore, starting this autumn, Oumpah-Pah will once again be available in bookshops, in the form of a single volume collection of all his adventures, accompanied by a previously unpublished supplement full of surprises! We'll keep you up to date with developments in the coming Asterix and Obelix Missives!

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