Oumpah-Pah the Indian, the first character created by the amazing duo of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, is back! This summer, three Oumpah-Pah plates held top billing at the "L'Île aux pirates" (Pirate Island) exhibition, which runs until the beginning of October at the CNBDI in Angoulême (international centre for comic books).

Furthermore, this week, the Planète BD magazine is celebrating our hero in fitting fashion with a new unpublished ex libris (see below) along with a special report on the comic strip series that made Tintin magazine so successful back then... and which already contained all the seeds for the ingredients and humour that would later make Asterix such a great success.

And this is just the start! Later this year, on 5 October, all of Oumpah-Pah's adventures with his accomplice Hubert de la Pâte Feuilletée will be republished in French, enriched by illustrations and working papers - never before published in an album. On top of this, even more surprises are planned for the end of year... We'll get back to you on these in good time in a forthcoming Missive!