While the chief enjoys one banquet after another, it is Asterix and Obelix who have to pay the piper! Suffering from excruciating heartburn, Vitalstatistix is sentenced by his attending physician, the druid Getafix, to the worst form of torture imaginable for an Indomitable Gaul: a diet!

A veritable treasure trove of "cult" dialogue and hilarious gags, Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield is to be published as part of the French Grand Collection. Memorable comebacks like "Pooling your resources" and "I don't know where Alesia is! No one knows where Alesia is!", a hotpot at every meal, Arvernian wine and charcoal merchants on every street corner and the grape that infuriates Obelix and causes the most famous dispute / reconciliation between our two heroes: all these moments and many more are to be discovered in large format for the very first time! "No comment", mutters a disgusted Julius Caesar.