25 April was a day for great merriment in the Village as all the Indomitable Gauls came together to celebrate the 84th birthday of Albert Uderzo. And yet, not satisfied with spoiling us over decades past with albums that fill us with admiration, it is he who gave us a birthday present!

Us, or more specifically the European Comic Book Fair in Nîmes, which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 21st and 22nd May this year.


Albert Uderzo, sponsor of the first show ten years ago, actually unveiled this year's poster, featuring Asterix, and especially Obelix as a magic potion-fuelled candle blower-outer!

As for Albert, well he was all the happier to participate in the event since Oumpah-Pah the Redskin, another of the heroes he created with René Goscinny, will be starring in a special exhibit just opposite the Nîmes Arena. An event that we will be sure to tell you more about in the near future.