Every year, at the same time, comes the big question: what will the new Asterix school stationery and school bags look like? This year really takes the cake! To start with, Editions Oberthur has created a new Asterix in Britain collection in a run up to next year's launch of the film adapted from the album of the same title. Ring binders, diaries, times tables… All the classics have been provided!

There are brand-new innovations as well, such as the irresistible bladder-shaped zipper pulls directly inspired by the famous rugby match featured in the album! It is such details that really make the new satchels, bags and other cases. Notably, a new Dogmatix collection has been launched - our favourite pooch takes the limelight solo for the first time on notebooks, pencil sharpeners, fountain pens, pencil holders, rulers and so on…
Find images of the complete collection here.

And, if proof was needed that he is really throwing himself into this role, Dogmatix also stars in a new stationery collection in Greece which can be seen in full on our special page. It is clear that going back to school with Asterix is going to be tail-waggingly great!