Frighten us! Such is the vehement request made by the terrible Timandahaf to the cowardly Justforkix in Asterix and the Normans. In 2011 A.D. the warriors from the Great North have at last found their champion of fear - Parc Astérix - which is offering a spookily special Halloween!

Two haunted houses, infernal cauldrons and a bewitching 3-D cinema await you. Ghosts, spirits and other dark surprises will be joining you on your favourite attractions, providing a new, shiver-tastic Parc Astérix experience.

For the thrill seekers among you, it is time to reserve for the four Fright Nights planned between 28-31 October 2011 (until 10pm each night). Further surprises are in store, as well as a firework display to “wake the dead”!

• Petrified in the Park on the Parc Astérix website

• Special Asterix Halloween E-cards