Over the past few weeks, the newspapers have been full of an exciting bit of news: the revelation by Albert Uderzo of the names of his collaborators on the latest Asterix album! The comic book series, created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, will continue to delight its many readers! Reaching every corner of the globe, inciting impassioned commentary in online forums, this information has proven a real bombshell, reported on some occasions without due care: errors in the authors' names or roles, for example, and, in one instance, the television broadcast the picture of a brother instead the author himself… No doubt Obelix would say "The press are all crazy!"

The star team of Jean-Yves Ferri, Albert Uderzo and Frédéric Mébarki meet up at Albert Uderzo's home to work on the new album.

Albert Uderzo has therefore decided to use this Missive to personally introduce the two talented authors who are currently working on a new Asterix album under his direction. "The illustrator, Frédéric Mébarki, has been responsible for my inkings for nigh-on 30 years", confides Albert. "He has also illustrated my characters for use in merchandising whilst I concentrated on the Asterix albums. Suffice to say, he is uniquely experienced in creating Asterix illustrations!"

The collaboration with Jean-Yves Ferri, the excellent scriptwriter of the successful comic book series Retour à la Terre (Back to Nature), created in collaboration with Manu Larcenet, is more recent but it immediately set sparks flying! "Jean-Yves is a very talented young man", says Albert. "His album De Gaulle à la plage (De Gaulle at the Beach ) is very successful; I couldn't stop laughing. I also like his comic book series Aimé Lacapelle a lot, and grandma Lacapelle's face proves that he is also a talented illustrator! Jean-Yves has a sense of humour all of his own but which can be adapted to Asterix. I laughed so much when I heard his initial idea… I wish I had had the idea myself."

It all looks highly promising! As readers, however, we will have to be patient as there remains a lot of hard work for this talented trio currently beavering away on this future album. So, as they say in the comic strips: To be continued…

Final rehearsal before presenting the new plates to Albert:
Jean-Yves Ferri and Frédéric Mébarki review the benchmark
albums in the offices of Les Editions Albert René!