Finding Asterix here in the Village is a fairly simple task. Just walk past Cacofonix’s hut perched up in the tree (making sure to avoid any false notes floating about), take the first right at the crossroads: Asterix lives in the first hut to the left! If in doubt, just ask anybody: there aren’t all that many huts or residents in the Village....

At least, that’s what we thought, until we ran across a book recently published in France: Cherche et trouve Astérix (“Find Asterix”)! This game book invites you to have fun trying to find Asterix and his more famous friends, carefully concealed in crowds of characters over 12 major scenes! As Picasso loved to say, “I do not look, I find”. This time, the fun is all yours!

As a result, peace has reigned over the Village in the past few days. Book in hand, everybody is busy looking for those famous faces, hidden away in scenes as varied as a fish fight, an amphora-neck (known today as a traffic jam or bottle neck), an arena, a stormy sea, a “bladder” pitch, a construction site for an Egyptian palace... and even a rather befuddled Roman tortoise formation! It’s as if they have all become like Baba, the pirate lookout, searching the horizon in search of the “Gau... Gau... the Gauls”!

As a matter of fact, Picasso also confessed that his greatest regret was to have never produced any comic strips.... There’s no doubt about it: Cherche et Trouve Astérix would have definitely boasted the renowned artist among its greatest admirers!