We've known ever since Asterix and the Class Act that little Gauls are sometimes quite reluctant to go to school. And that only leads to them forgetting the date of the battle of Gergovia when the day of the exam comes around. Pffff…

Thankfully, Asterix and his friends have proved for nearly fifty years now that learning can also be fun. Many of us, in fact, can take pride in our extensive knowledge of Latin quotes that we have accumulated through our attentive reading of Asterix albums. It's as simple as that: Asterix albums should replace school books, by Toutatis!

The Gauls have moved into second gear with Asterix Brain Trainer, the new Asterix video game for the Nintendo DS. So get your DS stylus ready for a series of more than 20 exercises led by heroes from the Crazy Gauls' Village!

There's no rest for those who seek the wisdom of the druids: multi-player competitions promise to add spice to any light-hearted video game tournaments for Gauls of all ages. And woe betide those whose poor-performing adult brains may be judged to date from 50 BC ;-)