"'Join the army!' they said, 'Join the army!'".
This disillusioned phrase uttered by Roman legionaries subjected to the brutal treatment dished out by our indomitable Gauls has become part of our daily language. But can you imagine for one moment having a chance to sign up for the Legion, like Asterix and Obelix do in Asterix the Legionary?… You certainly can now, thanks to the opening of "Le défi de César" (Caesar's Challenge), a new attraction at Parc Astérix, in which you will play Gaulish double agents bent on spoiling dear old Julius's plans, under the watchful eyes of Asterix and Obelix.
A truly thrilling attraction, "Le défi de César" promises to whisk you away into the comic book world, giving you a unique chance to test your ability as a legionary in an action-packed adventure. In keeping with Julius Caesar's traditional ploys, you can expect scheming and manipulation to be on the agenda, but this time you're the hero! Your mission is to infiltrate Asterix's village and to subject the indomitable Gauls to the might of the Roman army!
In fact, on 23 April 2008 a very special aspiring legionary found his way into Parc Astérix: Albert Uderzo himself was on hand to try out this new attraction! To begin with, he discovers that not just anyone can be one of dear old Julius' secret agents: 4 interactive challenges await to determine if the candidate is of the same steely mettle as the elite centurions. "All that just to crumple into a heap once Obelix deals his first blow…", Albert thinks aloud with a smile.
The first challenge is to get dressed up as a proper double agent. Gaulish moustaches, and braids are the order of the day, reminding Albert Uderzo of the "Gaulish" make-up with which Caligula Minus experimented when he became Caliguliminix in the album Asterix the Gaul.
Next comes the meeting with Caesar, naturally a bit intimidating, although not for Asterix and Obelix who observe the proceedings with some amusement… They're already familiar with dear old Julius's airs and graces after all! Albert Uderzo pauses to note his appreciation for Caesar's voice, provided by Robert Hossein, while Jean-Marie Bigard lends his voice to a Roman centurion.

Infiltrating the "Crazy Gaul's Village" requires some preparation since the tasks, original and fearsome, follow each other thick and fast. Will you be able, for example, to resist Cacofonix's singing exercises? One can see what starts to make people fear that the sky will fall on their head! They're not wrong: "Le défi de César" is an attraction which employs cutting-edge druid and artistic technology, with plenty of thrills and spills. Water and special effects (morphing, animatronics, etc.) have been combined to exploit interactivity to the full, in a show directed by Alain Sachs with original music by Patrice de Peyrieras.
But we've saved the best for last: a trip aboard a Roman galley. And not just any galley: this one, built by scientists from Caesar's inner circle, makes it possible to reach the Asterix Village without incurring any damage. But this is notwithstanding our heroes Asterix and Obelix, who never spurn an opportunity to have fun with the Romans! The journey promises to be eventful, very eventful; this is no place for the seasick, for the love of Gaul!
And then comes the moment of truth. The Parc Astérix management holds their breath, awaiting the verdict from the "maestro" himself. The suspense is unbearable, the silence so heavy you could hear the buzzing of the carrier fly belonging to spy druid Dubbelosix! Albert Uderzo beams: "It's fantastic!", he declares, provoking an outbreak of backslapping and laughter from one and all. "Le défi de César" will immerse you completely in the world of your favourite comic book, where you will take Asterix and Obelix's side more than ever in an adventure that Julius Caesar will certainly want to repeat! In fact, the first visitors quickly decide to join up again… in the queue for another round of this spectacular new show!
Discover the video of "Le défi de César" at www.parcasterix.fr.