Our series of new translations of Asterix albums into Portuguese continues, this time with the publication of A grande travessia, aka Asterix and the Great Crossing.
In a few weeks’ time, a whole part of the Asterix collection will be presented with new translations into Portuguese (see our articles Asterix in Portuguese: 5 new translations and A new Asterix the Legionary translation in Portuguese).
This time around it’s the turn of Asterix and the Great Crossing, now known as A grande travessia, to see the light of day in Portuguese. It’s a logical outcome for an album in which Asterix beats Christopher Colombus, that famous adopted Portuguese, and discovers the New World after a memorable maritime odyssey. The gobblers will be delighted!
All fans of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo’s work should note that the adventures de Jehan Pistolet are also published in Portugal, and the second book, João Pistolão Corsário de el-rei, has just been released in Lusitania. An aspiring pirate, who predates Oumpah-Pah and Asterix among the talented duo’s creations, Jehan Pistolet is a comic strip which merits being (re-)discovered!
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