After Effix, it’s now the turn of another Asterix fan to grace the limelight in the Translation Exchange: Fanfoot, whose collection has just enriched the pantheon of albums concerning the most famous of all Gauls.
We had hardly updated the Asterix Translation Exchange with Effix’s rich contribution when we noticed that another fan had sent us a host of scans from his collection.
And what a collection it is! Thanks to Fanfoot (who, if his pseudonym is to be taken literally, shall no doubt enjoy Zinédine Zidane’s appearance in the Asterix at the Olympic Games film, due for release on 30 January 2008), not only French albums from the Dargaud years have found a place in the pantheon of Asterix albums; they are joined by those in Vietnamese, Luxembourgish and Hebrew…
Fanfoot has even sent us images of the first plates from some of these albums, which can now be viewed in the Asterix translation exchange. Many thanks to Fanfoot for his contribution! And please don’t hesitate to follow his lead: our druid archivists are counting on you to get nearer to the symbolic barrier of 1000 albums collected!
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