Here we have great news coming from the Asterix video games world!
As you may have noticed, the World Wide Web is buzzing with excitement around the forthcoming release of Asterix at the Olympic Games, the new Asterix video game scheduled for this coming winter (see our 25 June post). As a matter of fact, here in the virtual Village, we’re snowed under the dozens of Google Alerts delivered every day in our mailboxes with Asterix at the Olympic Games great pieces of news. Yet the autumn still seems far, far away for Asterix fans longing for a new Asterix video game to play with… But the truth is Asterix and his friends won’t let you spend the summer without an exciting new game!
Yes indeed, open your Gaulish eyes and ears, as a new Asterix video game to be played with on mobile phones has just been released! After the huge success of both Asterix: Rescue Obelix and Asterix and the Vikings, a new video game based upon the comic strip book Asterix and Cleopatra offers you a chance to help Edifis build a palace worthy of the Queen of queens. 12 mini-games, 20 missions to complete are on the schedule to help the Egyptian architect in his impossible task.
Now check it out on our Asterix License directory and the Asterix video games gallery. They have just been updated on Asterix official website to give you further details on this new release!