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Tuesday, June 20 2006

Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 soon to be released on PSP and DS

Video games

Great news for all Asterix fans, the video game Asterix & Obelix XXL2 is currently in development for the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.

Already a success on PC and Sony Playstation 2, this impressive Gaulish video game that you can discover (with trailers, screen captures, and more!) on our special page will be ported for both PSP and DS in November 2006. And these releases don’t come without innovations taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the two consoles while staying rooted in the same great tradition of parody that runs throughout the stories of Asterix and his friends: a new wi-fi multiplayer mode for the PSP version, as well as an exclusive series of mini-games designed for a use of the DS stylus.

Well, as you can see, Asterix and his friends are not short of ideas when it’s a matter of finding new ways of bashing the Roman legionaries!


Monday, November 28 2005

XXL2, mission las vegum: success!

Video games

Has Getafix betrayed the Village? Will Obelix manage to hold out against all his funny-looking new enemies? Will Asterix like this theme park-type place in the suburbs of Rome where Caesar is trying to lure him? An absolute technical, graphic and visual gem!
Developed for Atari by the Etrange Libellule studio, this new opus is a winner according to both specialists and gamers! A real hit! Atarix does a great parody, and with Asterix they've gone all out.
Take a look at our site for more information!

Monday, April 4 2005

MMS not for Romans

Video games

Honestly, it takes a sense of humour to appreciate these masterpieces of Franco-Gaulish culture.
I'm not sure if our Romans and such are subtle enough to grasp all the finer points of these meaningful creations.
An item to check out, for all those clever Gauls who subscribe to the SPQR network - no, I mean SFR! (SFR is a French mobile phone network)

Monday, December 6 2004

New games on the website!

Video games

Pepe is overexcited. It was impossible to get him to sleep last night; he was jumping around so much. There are two new online games (available in French, English, German and Spanish!) in the hut of our young overheated hero from Asterix in Spain! Having waited for this moment so impatiently, Pepe is only now beginning to calm down, but is already threatening to hold his breath if we don't give him more new games next year. Ay, ay, ay, Pepe! Give us a break! How about showing us what you have to offer? In the Game House, Pepe invites you to try out "Asterix' Palette," a magical game where you choose an ink drawing and use electronic crayons to color your characters online. You can even impress your friends by printing out your work. Just don't use too much fuchsia on Obelix' breeches or nobody will believe you.

The second game, called "Cacofonix' Nightmare," is inspired by the old game of "hangman," except that the bard takes a beating every time you make a mistake! Have mercy on him and think carefully so as to spare him a shower of fish, wild boars and other blunt objects. Go ahead and enjoy yourself! Yes, yes, Pepe, we will be coming up with more games soon, please don't hold your breath, or we're going to have to call your dad!

Wednesday, December 3 2003

Asterix on a grand scale

Video games

In the name of game emporiums, it was the least you could hope for! The Gauls intend to tackle the production of video games in a big way: "ASTERIX and OBELIX, XXL", to be produced by Atari.
Following in the footsteps of the world-renowned team of Lugdunum, a studio known under the code name "Etrange Libellule" has developed a truly amazing game. Specialists in the field have awarded it excellent scores, far better than any seen before. Asterix and Obelix have taken heart since they were beginning to wonder, just like actors in the ancient Greek theatre, if they had turned in a good performance.
They threw themselves into the endeavour at every level: researching the costumes, accessories (Obelix, in particular, wears a bracelet worthy of the gladiators) and seeking advice for various massacres. They did their utmost to match any of their exploits in the series of comic books. You have to admit that the authors of the game entrusted them with an exceptionally formidable mission: finding the inhabitants of the village that we know and love, who have been kidnapped and strewn throughout the Empire by Caesar's troops.
This game will delight both young (7 years and above) and old: the 3D characters have real charisma, giving a dazzling performance that will make other video game heroes green with envy. The brawls are worthy of any in the series; being able to change from Asterix to Obelix to Dogmatix is a real bonus for the "gamer", the name given by the Gauls to fans of this sport that should be practiced only with moderation. And finally, sliding across Obelix's stomach offers a real highlight, in the name of a DVDRom!

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