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Saturday, November 29 2008

When Asterix takes some exercise!

Video games

We've known ever since Asterix and the Class Act that little Gauls are sometimes quite reluctant to go to school. And that only leads to them forgetting the date of the battle of Gergovia when the day of the exam comes around. Pffff…

Thankfully, Asterix and his friends have proved for nearly fifty years now that learning can also be fun. Many of us, in fact, can take pride in our extensive knowledge of Latin quotes that we have accumulated through our attentive reading of Asterix albums. It's as simple as that: Asterix albums should replace school books, by Toutatis!

The Gauls have moved into second gear with Asterix Brain Trainer, the new Asterix video game for the Nintendo DS. So get your DS stylus ready for a series of more than 20 exercises led by heroes from the Crazy Gauls' Village!

There's no rest for those who seek the wisdom of the druids: multi-player competitions promise to add spice to any light-hearted video game tournaments for Gauls of all ages. And woe betide those whose poor-performing adult brains may be judged to date from 50 BC ;-)

Monday, October 15 2007

A legion of images from the Asterix at the Olympic Games video game!

Video games

With only a few weeks to go before the release of the new Asterix at the Olympic Games video game, our image gallery now boasts a selection of screenshots for you to peruse.
Produced by the same fine team from Atari and Studio Etranges Libellules that oversaw the previous masterpieces Asterix and Obelix XXL 1 and 2, the new Asterix at the Olympic Games video game will be available from November for PS2, Wii, NDS and PC platforms.
So whilst you’re waiting, why not warm up for the challenges ahead since they promise to be highly demanding? And what better training could there be than to discover our screenshot galleries for the Wii and the NDS?
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Wednesday, July 25 2007

The new video game Asterix and Cleopatra now on mobile phones!

Video games

Here we have great news coming from the Asterix video games world!
As you may have noticed, the World Wide Web is buzzing with excitement around the forthcoming release of Asterix at the Olympic Games, the new Asterix video game scheduled for this coming winter (see our 25 June post). As a matter of fact, here in the virtual Village, we’re snowed under the dozens of Google Alerts delivered every day in our mailboxes with Asterix at the Olympic Games great pieces of news. Yet the autumn still seems far, far away for Asterix fans longing for a new Asterix video game to play with… But the truth is Asterix and his friends won’t let you spend the summer without an exciting new game!
Yes indeed, open your Gaulish eyes and ears, as a new Asterix video game to be played with on mobile phones has just been released! After the huge success of both Asterix: Rescue Obelix and Asterix and the Vikings, a new video game based upon the comic strip book Asterix and Cleopatra offers you a chance to help Edifis build a palace worthy of the Queen of queens. 12 mini-games, 20 missions to complete are on the schedule to help the Egyptian architect in his impossible task.
Now check it out on our Asterix License directory and the Asterix video games gallery. They have just been updated on Asterix official website to give you further details on this new release!

Monday, June 25 2007

A new video Game Asterix at the Olympic Games announced!

Video games

Great news from Lugdunum (Lyon, in Gaul): a new Asterix video game, Asterix at the Olympic Games, is scheduled for release this coming winter!
The game of the forthcoming live action feature film of the same name, Asterix at the Olympic Games blends live action elements from the film with high quality computer generated and video game animation to deliver fans an extraordinary and unique Asterix experience.
In Asterix at the Olympic Games players can choose from three playable characters, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix, in an original story which takes a parallel course to the film and the comic-book. Our heroes must stop Brutus who has opened the gates between the worlds of the comic book, the film and the game while still finding time and energy to triumph at the Olympic Games themselves. The mini-game mode lets players compete in Olympic challenges with their chosen character, while two-player multiplayer lets friends go head to head in a series of hilarious contests.
Until the release of the video game Asterix at the Olympic Games, scheduled for this coming winter on PlayStation®2, Nintendo DS™, Wii and PC, Pepe suggests you have a look at the already incredible Asterix video games Museum.

Monday, December 18 2006

The Wifix/XXL2 Mission is a hit

Video games

Following on the heels of the success of the "living room" version of the game console, here is the new version of the XXL2 game intended for the PSP and DS! These acronyms may seem barbaric to the uninitiated, but they access a whole new universe for fair or dark haired gamers worldwide.
The "Etrange Libellule" studio, which has developed all the games in the XXL series, has outdone itself in designing and adapting real gems bonuses galore and a wealth of extras.
Amateurs are delighted and are blowing their horn. So, are you for Sony or Nintendo? Get into your slippers, it's great stuff!

Tuesday, November 21 2006

Asterix and Obelix: Mission Wifix

Video games

Dear old Julius will never live it down: after the triumph of the DVD of the film Asterix and the Vikings, the Gauls are now attacking Roman legions in pixel format: Asterix and Obelix: Mission Wifix has just been released for PSP and Nintendo DS.
Caesar is supposedly preparing his counter attack, and the rumours are of giant centurions and clones of the emperor.
But Obelix has thought of everything: thanks to the new Wifi multiplayer mode, indomitable friends from the world over, Iberians, Britons, Belgians and Helvetians will be able to join together to give the Romans a pasting at chariot races and arena team battle.
Further proof that Asterix’s village has gone global! See our special sheet for more information.


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