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Wednesday, November 21 2007

New albums added in the Asterix Translation Exchange

The Translation Exchange

A dozen of Asterix albums in 5 different languages has just been added in the Asterix Translation Exchange, thanks to Effix, a truly special Asterix fan.
Galician, Bengali, Croatian, Cretan and Welsh… Effix has just sent us the covers of his Asterix books in all of these languages so that we can add them to our now famous Asterix Translation Exchange. What a great contribution to the Gaulish heritage!
Effix appears now as the star of our “Quid Novi”, the webpage presenting the last books added in the Translation Exchange. And his name is engraved for ever next to all the books he has given us a chance to present to any Asterix fans by sending them to our druids.
Just like Effix, you can add your contribution to the Asterix Translation Exchange: send us the pictures of the covers of your Asterix books, by filling our “Wikix” form. And stay in touch with “Live from the Exchange” and “World of Asterix Tour” to be informed of every addition to the Asterix Translation Exchange. And thanks to you, we soon may count a thousand books in the Exchange!

Monday, September 10 2007

A new “Asterix the Legionary” translation in Portuguese

The Translation Exchange

Julius Caesar must be turning in his grave! In 2007 A.D., Latin is a dead language, and Asterix adventures are translated in more than a hundred languages!
40 years after its first publication in France, the book Asterix the Legionary comes back with a new translation in Portuguese. And ASA, the publisher of the Asterix books in Portugal, really knows how to treat Asterix fans: to mark the event, the album is released in a limited edition of 3000 numbered copies!
As a matter of fact, it’s been several months now that the Asterix comic strip books series are being published with new Portuguese translations. Most of them are already available in Bravura’s Library and in the Asterix Translation Exchange. The other ones will be presented here in Doubleclix’s Blog in the next few weeks.
Asterix the Legionary is a must have in the Asterix series: the first appearance of the incredibly beautiful young Gaulish girl Panacea, Asterix and Obelix joining up the Roman army to rescue Tragicomix, Panacea’s fiancé, in North Africa… And of course, our web druids are already updating the Portuguese names in the EncyclObelix, the encyclopaedia of Asterix characters.
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Thursday, August 30 2007

Asterix and Obelix all at sea in Polish

The Translation Exchange

In 2007 A.D., Poland is the place to be for Asterix and Obelix: the album Asterix and Obelix all at sea has just been reissued in both hardcover and softcover versions in Polish.
Last July 18, Doubleclix’s Blog shared the great news about the Asterix and the Secret Agent reissue in Poland. Now it’s Obelix’s turn to be in the spotlight with the reissue of the book Asterix and Obelix all at sea.
Indeed, Obelix plays the leading role in this album, being confronted with great difficulties… But that’s just what happens when you don’t listen to Getafix and drink magic potion without his permission!
As usual in Poland, the book is available in two versions: hardcover and softcover. For our druids in charge of preserving the International Gaulish Heritage, that means two new editions to be discovered in our Asterix Translation Exchange.
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Wednesday, August 1 2007

A new edition of Asterix and the Magic Carpet in Hebrew

The Translation Exchange

Last spring, the releases of the comic strip book Asterix and the Magic Carpet both in Modern Standard Arabic and in Hebrew made headlines around the world. We now have the pleasure to present a new edition of Asterix and the Magic Carpet in Hebrew, specifically edited for Israel.
Asterix from Damas to Jerusalem! That was the title of an article posted here in Doubleclix’s Blog, dealing with the publication in Gaul of two new books at Les Editions Albert René: the translations of Asterix and the Magic Carpet in Modern Standard Arabic and in Hebrew. Great news indeed, instantly echoed in many articles from an enthusiastic international press.
A few weeks later, Asterix and the Magic Carpet is back with a new edition in Hebrew, published by Modan, new publisher of the Asterix series in Israel.
The translation is the same as the one published in France, but Asterix’s hardcore fans will notice a few differences. For instance, on the cover of the album, the names Asterix, Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny have been translated in Hebrew! A new Asterix book worthy of interest for all collectors, already added in our Asterix Translation Exchange!

Thursday, July 19 2007

Asterix is back in Turkish and Polish

The Translation Exchange

There’s certainly no let up in the production of Asterix albums at the moment.
Three new titles have been added to our Translation Exchange and Bravura’s bookshop: the brand new translation of Asterix and the Actress into Turkish, as well as two reissues of Asterix and the Secret Weapon in Polish.
Why is one title counted twice, I hear you ask? Quite simply because Asterix albums are published in Poland in both hardback and paperback form – which of course makes life doubly difficult for our IT druids who are responsible for updating the Translation Exchange by listing and classifying all the different Asterix album publications!

Monday, July 9 2007

New book in the Asterix Translation Exchange

The Translation Exchange

Lhe New World has pride of place in the Asterix Translations Exchange with the recent addition of six albums concerning the country of those “gobblers”, so dear to Obelix.
To begin with, five titles are in American English. These albums, specially produced for the US market, are different from the traditional English-language volumes, published by Orion, right down to the names of the main characters. “Getafix”, the British adaptation of the French “Panoramix”, is thus renamed “Magigimmix” and “Cacofonix” the Bard becomes “Malacoustix”!
And finally, the last title taking its place in our Asterix Universalis is the French version of the album based on the film Asterix conquers America, hot off the presses in 2007 and replete with a new, smarter cover.
And don’t forget to sign up to our Wikix to play your part in enriching the Asterix Translation Exchange.

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