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Monday, October 20 2008

Big rises on the Exchange!

The Translation Exchange

While stock exchanges throughout the Roman Empire have been going through some difficult times recently and Julius Caesar, advised by his loyal economics expert Caius Preposterus, has been striving to solve the crisis, one exchange still boasts strong growth, and its rude health is clear for all to see: the Asterix Translation Exchange!
The Translation Exchange, a true pantheon of international Asterix album translations, has seen its stock rise by several hundreds of titles over the summer. Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Galician translations, recent albums as well as old classics: the Gaulish virtual Babel continues to expand and has already shot past the thousand album mark. Obelix can't believe his eyes!

Friday, April 25 2008

The Asterix Translation Exchange

The Translation Exchange

With Asterix, every day is another book fest! Now translated into 104 different languages and dialects, the most famous of all Gauls sees new publications added every day to his collection from all four corners of the Known World. It's high time therefore for an update on the latest releases…

Our German cousins' printing presses have been particularly busy where, in addition to the release of a number of spin-off publications from the Asterix at the Olympic Games film, successive albums from The Asterix Grand Collection have been put on sale in local shops. In the last few months, no fewer than four new titles have appeared: Asterix and the Banquet, Asterix and Cleopatra, Asterix and Son and Asterix and the Magic Carpet. Our Goth friends have even given a remarkable welcome to Oumpah-Pah the Redskin, Goscinny and Uderzo's first creation, with the recent publication of the complete series in a superb single volume.

In the absence of The Grand Collection, English-speaking readers can now enjoy new high-quality omnibus editions. Omnibus, you say? The cousin of Manlius Claphamomnibus from Asterix and the Secret Weapon? No! An omnibus is actually an album containing no fewer than three complete adventures. Two volumes are already available, the first of which contains the first three Asterix albums, whilst the second one features the last three.
Finally, in Brazil, the tribute album to Albert Uderzo, Asterix and Friends, has just been translated, whilst Turkish readers have finally been able to discover the Asterix and the Class Act album. Let it not be said that Asterix doesn't travel the world over!

Friday, January 11 2008

Asterix more multilingual than ever before

The Translation Exchange

Joyful news for collectors: two new Asterix albums in Spanish and Polish are on show on Doubleclix’s blog.
It’s become routine to provide the greatest pleasure to our fans: Asterix publications are growing in number throughout the world. Among the most recent releases is the Polish edition of Astérix et ses amis (Asterix and friends) , the album in which the biggest names in the comic book world paid tribute to Albert Uderzo, each of them offering plates revealing their vision of Asterix.
In Spain, a new volume offers three Asterix adventures (Asterix The Gaul, Asterix and the Cauldron and Obelix and Co.) and pays tribute to the co-creator of Asterix, René Goscinny, to mark the 30th anniversary of his passing.
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Friday, December 14 2007

Asterix speaks Portuguese to conquer the New World

The Translation Exchange

Our series of new translations of Asterix albums into Portuguese continues, this time with the publication of A grande travessia, aka Asterix and the Great Crossing.
In a few weeks’ time, a whole part of the Asterix collection will be presented with new translations into Portuguese (see our articles Asterix in Portuguese: 5 new translations and A new Asterix the Legionary translation in Portuguese).
This time around it’s the turn of Asterix and the Great Crossing, now known as A grande travessia, to see the light of day in Portuguese. It’s a logical outcome for an album in which Asterix beats Christopher Colombus, that famous adopted Portuguese, and discovers the New World after a memorable maritime odyssey. The gobblers will be delighted!
All fans of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo’s work should note that the adventures de Jehan Pistolet are also published in Portugal, and the second book, João Pistolão Corsário de el-rei, has just been released in Lusitania. An aspiring pirate, who predates Oumpah-Pah and Asterix among the talented duo’s creations, Jehan Pistolet is a comic strip which merits being (re-)discovered!
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Wednesday, December 12 2007

Three new Asterix albums in Korean

The Translation Exchange

The Utopian Asterix village knows no bounds! Proof comes with the publication of three new titles from the collection in Korean.
“Asterix only appeals to Franco-French humour, it’ll never work outside of Gaul!” Such was the reaction of those jealous of Asterix’s success in the 1960s. They argued that the comic strip made reference to the historical knowledge of the French, Gaul’s latter-day descendants, and that Asterix’s resistance to the Roman empire was an allusion to de Gaulle’s France at the beginning of the 5th Republic…
The only thing is that the authors, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo always denied these statements, insisting that the only aim of their great work was “to make people laugh”, and certainly nothing more! What followed proved that they were right: from the end of the 1960s, Asterix became a triumph in Germany, where he was quickly considered to be a real local hero. As the decades rolled on, Asterix albums would soon be translated into more than a hundred different languages for the delight of readers who know nothing about our Gaulish ancestors.
Current publishing trends are proving this once again, with the recent release of Asterix and the Great Divide, Asterix and the Black Gold and Asterix and Son in Korean. Whatever people say about him, Asterix is a universal hero!
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Friday, December 7 2007

The Translation Exchange welcomes a football (and Asterix) fan

The Translation Exchange

After Effix, it’s now the turn of another Asterix fan to grace the limelight in the Translation Exchange: Fanfoot, whose collection has just enriched the pantheon of albums concerning the most famous of all Gauls.
We had hardly updated the Asterix Translation Exchange with Effix’s rich contribution when we noticed that another fan had sent us a host of scans from his collection.
And what a collection it is! Thanks to Fanfoot (who, if his pseudonym is to be taken literally, shall no doubt enjoy Zinédine Zidane’s appearance in the Asterix at the Olympic Games film, due for release on 30 January 2008), not only French albums from the Dargaud years have found a place in the pantheon of Asterix albums; they are joined by those in Vietnamese, Luxembourgish and Hebrew…
Fanfoot has even sent us images of the first plates from some of these albums, which can now be viewed in the Asterix translation exchange. Many thanks to Fanfoot for his contribution! And please don’t hesitate to follow his lead: our druid archivists are counting on you to get nearer to the symbolic barrier of 1000 albums collected!
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