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Thursday, December 23 2010

Christmas à la carte

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Given this harsh and early winter that has fallen on our heads, walks in the forest are not so popular anymore! The Villages inhabitants have retreated to the cosy warmth of their huts to prepare for the Christmas festivities.

Follow their example and keep in touch with all your friends without having to leave your home with special Asterix Christmas e-cards made by Postaldistrix!

Monday, September 13 2010

The Asterix Geo Quiz

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Having reduced every European country to the state of a Roman province, Julius Caesar is having trouble keeping track of the names of all his new conquests! It's up to you to help by participating in our new game: the Asterix Geo Quiz!

Your mission is to locate, on a map, 15 antique cities selected randomly among more than one hundred. You'll realize that the number of towns and cities mentioned in the Asterix albums actually boggles the mind and that the names of yore are not as easy to remember as you might imagine!

Take care in forming your answers; an encounter with the pirates is always a possibility.... Above all, be careful not to ruffle any feathers when asking the natives about the exact location of Alesia: we have seen more than one person lose their temper for less. May Toutatis be with you!

Saturday, June 5 2010

Up Gaul!

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Druids, those wardens of wisdom and knowledge, hold sway over us even today, as they relay the words of the gods using their occult science. Just look at Raymond Domenech*, that strange Gaulish druid with the white moustache and mane who escaped from the faraway forest of the Carnutes: he is the learned reader of fortunes written in the stars. He boasts the extraordinary power of being able to come up with an unlikely list of 23 players for a major sporting event!

Meanwhile, back in the Virtual Village, you are the ones to make the selection! And there are two unmissable games to bear this out:
  • A major referendum designating your favourite character. Just like every year, vote for your pet character – and don’t forget: the top 32 will have the honour and advantage of being ranked among the top seeded competitors in the new Tournament of Indomitables, soon to be coming to your screens!
  • The online Champions’ Cup lets you build your team and define your indomitable strategy for taking on the imperial team from Rome. Just what you need to create the best conditions for training for a possible France-Italy match!
* Raymond Domenech selects the players for the French Soccer team. He has just announced the final list of players (eagerly awaited here in Gaul!) who are to take part in the World Cup in South Africa.

Monday, February 8 2010

The Grand Gaulish Quiz puts the Indomitable to the test!

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Throughout the Known World, Asterix fans vie to outdo one another with boasting, each one claiming to be the best expert on the Asterix albums. And yet, it is no simple thing to become expert ès Asterix; everyone is not cut out to be a druid, by Toutatis!

So then, how does one recognize an authentic Gaulish champion? Well... it was Asterix himself who gave us an idea about organizing a major yearly championship: the GGQ, otherwise known as the Grand Gaulish Quiz!

There is a simple principle behind getting your name engraved on the virtual marble slab in our Gaulish “Hall of Fame”: all you have to do is answer 20 randomly chosen questions in the shortest time possible. The best scores to the GGQ will be selected each month, and 1 to 10 points will be attributed to the first ten experts, allowing them to apply for a position in the general ranking. At the end of the year, the grand champion will be unanimously nominated and celebrated with all due pomp and circumstance! Well, it’s perhaps a bit hasty to say unanimously, given that we still have to convince Caesar that other people in this world also have the right to lay claim to a proper triumph!

In the meantime, good luck to all and may Toutatis be with you!

Thursday, February 4 2010

And the César for the Best Cover goes to...

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The suspense is over. We know that you have been on tenterhooks for weeks, but now that the final results are in, there is no question about it: the winner of the 2009 survey concerning the very best Asterix album cover is without a doubt... the very last album, Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: the Golden Book!
In second place stands How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion When He Was A Little Boy, which received a great number of votes, especially thanks to the new cover by Albert Uderzo.
Your votes leave no doubt: the Asterix 2009 vintage is a terrific!

While the Indomitable Gauls monopolized all the awards this year, one poor candidate did not even get nominated for the virtual César Award for the Best Cover.... And who might that be, you ask? Well, Caesar himself.... Asterix and Caesar’s Gift and Asterix and the (Caesar’s) Laurel Wreath came up empty-handed....

Final results can be seen here.

Friday, January 30 2009

E-cards for the New Year.

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The New Year was celebrated in fitting fashion at the Asterix Villlage, with a banquet worthy of the Indomitable Gauls. Just one small problem: the cries of joy in Chief Vitalstatistix's hut turned into wails of pain.
And why? Because of an acute attack of heartburn due to certain excesses at the banquet where roast boar followed upon roast boar! Condemned to yet another spa treatment at the Aquae Calidae (Vichy) centre, close to the Arverne region, the Gaulish chief left with a task for his "holiday": to send holiday cards to all the great heads of state in the Known World!
Fortunately for him, his nephew Justforkix had everything prepared: Asterix e-cards to celebrate the New Year are available again on Take advantage of them while they are available until the end of January to send your greetings to family and friends. And, a very Happy New Year to you all from the official Asterix Virtual Village!

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