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Wednesday, January 11 2012

Enlist with Google+ !

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Alb17P6C4.jpgGoogleplus… It does sound like a Roman’s name, doesn’t it? But no legionary involved here, we rather talk about a new social web tool to keep track of all Indomitable friends around the Known World.

Here you’ll find other great Asterix news and videos, such as an incredible Oumpah-Pah an animated film pilot made in the sixties!

So, you know what you have to do now: enlist with Googleplus!

Thursday, December 29 2011

Happy Holidays with Asterix!

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Here in the Village, we know our banquets! For the end-of-year festivities, we have thought of everything: tins of Delacre chocolates, the new typically British collection of lucky Asterix charms created by Arguydal, the complete collection of animated films to celebrate the New Year Gaulish style, the French post office's Asterix in Britain calendar to help prepare for 2012…there is something for everybody!

Not to mention, of course, our Indomitable friends around the world, to whom we can send festive wishes thanks to the Asterix New Year e-cards. We wish you all a Happy New Year!

Monday, June 20 2011

Thinking of Lusitania!

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Asterix is of course that "small village that we know so well", a haven of peace (apart from during "fresh" fish deliveries), where life is good and for which our favourite heroes are ready to sacrifice all in order to preserve the utopian bliss.

However, Asterix and his friends are open to the outside world. In the course of their travels, they have discovered numerous cultures and established close ties with Indomitables across the Known World, including, of course, Pepe, Anticlimax and Petitsuix.

It is therefore quite natural, since its creation, for the virtual village to be a truly global village where five languages are spoken among an international population of brave souls who revel in taunting Caesar's troops. Did we say five languages? French, German English, Spanish and Dutch… but now there are six with Portuguese! We are delighted to present the sixth and latest version of the website, this time in Portuguese, launched online just days ago.

We had the pleasure of developing this particular website with the team at ASA, the publisher of Asterix in Portugal. ASA promises us that 2011 - the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Asterix in Portugal - will be an exceptional year with local releases of the special collector's album Secrets de Druides and the complete collection of Asterix characters books. Obrigado!

Friday, June 17 2011

Festival fatherhood!

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It's not always easy being a father in the Asterix albums... Ask Caesar what he thinks about it, as a father forever having issues with his Brutus of a son. Or ask Doublehelix, whose offspring Justforkix just wants to party in the Lutetian catacombs. Then, of course, you could always ask Asterix, who one morning found a baby on his doorstep, delivered by a scatter-brained stork (well, that's Obelix's theory anyway).

Fortunately, the best is yet to come for all these fathers as Father's Day e-cards are now online and waiting for you to send on or before Sunday 19th June!

Saturday, May 28 2011

Celebrate mothers with Asterix

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The 29th of May (Mother's Day in France) is fast approaching and there is little time to make that mummy-pleasing pasta necklace… Fortunately, the technology and humour of 50 B.C. can save the day!

Thanks to the collection of Asterix Mother's Day e-cards, you can send your loving wishes with that inimitable 100% Indomitable Gaul touch!

Thursday, January 20 2011

Happy New Year with Asterix!

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A new year means a new organizer. With Asterix, you get a choice: JNF wall calendar on the theme of mad laughs, and 2011 diaries in small and large formats, signed JNF as always. The bard has already taken the whole collection to note his concert gigs at the Olympix theatre!

For collectors, there is also Les Almanachs du Facteur, the French yearly postman's almanacs which faithfully traces Asterix back to 1969!
A new page in our virtual archives shows you some of the vintage items, while the 2011 calendar has its own special sheet.

Lastly, for you virtual Indomitables, you can still take advantage of the e-cards specially designed by Postaldistrix to wish a happy 2011 to all your friends! Best wishes to all from the virtual Village!

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