The Grand Collection

Wednesday, January 18 2012

The Grand Collection just keeps getting bigger!

The Grand Collection

Grand figurines, Grand Collection… there can be no doubt that 2012 A.D. is going to be a GRAND year for Asterix! Starting on 18 January when the legendary album Asterix in Corsica will make its debut in the Grand Collection and will be the highlight in bookshops throughout France. The restored inking and new colouring showcase better than ever the sheer genius of Albert Uderzo's drawing talents, brilliantly exemplified in the rendering of the Corsican scrubland. The field trip taken with René Goscinny proved extremely worthwhile!

The gags pile up like arguments amongst Corsican chieftains and they haven't aged a bit! Reviewing the albums - often for the first time since their creation - in order to validate the new editions, Albert Uderzo is bowled over: "I should reread the albums more often - René's ideas are truly terrific!"

In total, four new titles will join the Grand Collection this year; a collection incidentally that is expanding on the international level. Following on Germany, these completely restored large format versions are now available in Spain, and in three languages at that…Castilian, Catalan and Basque! Enough to guarantee hours of reading by the fireside on those harsh Iberian evenings!

Friday, November 4 2011

New additions to the Grand Collection

The Grand Collection

While Oumpah-Pah has been making headlines, Asterix has not been twiddling his thumbs. Two new French language albums have just appeared in the Asterix Grand Collection: Asterix and the Cauldron and Asterix in Spain.

Although, as everyone knows, each year the weather becomes “more spainful”, those long winter evenings are going to be full of fun this year thanks to these two fully restored, large format albums (new colours, restored inking and lettering).

Restoration work is continuing on the remainder of the collection and further magnificent publications are due out next year. Watch this space...

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Monday, April 18 2011

I don't know where Alesia is! No one knows where Alesia is!

The Grand Collection

While the chief enjoys one banquet after another, it is Asterix and Obelix who have to pay the piper! Suffering from excruciating heartburn, Vitalstatistix is sentenced by his attending physician, the druid Getafix, to the worst form of torture imaginable for an Indomitable Gaul: a diet!

A veritable treasure trove of "cult" dialogue and hilarious gags, Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield is to be published as part of the French Grand Collection. Memorable comebacks like "Pooling your resources" and "I don't know where Alesia is! No one knows where Alesia is!", a hotpot at every meal, Arvernian wine and charcoal merchants on every street corner and the grape that infuriates Obelix and causes the most famous dispute / reconciliation between our two heroes: all these moments and many more are to be discovered in large format for the very first time! "No comment", mutters a disgusted Julius Caesar.

Wednesday, January 12 2011

Asterix: Grand Collection 2011

The Grand Collection

This January 12, The Grand Collection will offer a brand new album: Asterix the Legionary.
At last, the adventures of the Indomitable Gauls in the Roman Legion can be rediscovered in large format with restored inking and lettering, as well as new colouring (see the various stages in the restoration process)! We've never seen Asterix and Obelix blush so much after sweet kisses from the beautiful Panacea! As for the pirates, don't worry, they'll never stop getting 'framed by Jericho'. They're used to it: those eternally shipwrecked souls have been observing all sizes and colours of stars since long before The Grand Collection...

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Thursday, October 14 2010

Britons and Normans in the Grand Collection

The Grand Collection

Justforkix can testify to it: A Norman warrior is terrifying! So when you hear that Timandahaf and his cohorts are coming back, for the first time in large format, chills run up your spine! A fright that lends all Asterix fans wings: they're already racing to get their hands on the first copies of Astérix et les Normans as well as Astérix chez les Bretons, both just published in the Grande Collection Astérix.

New colouring, restored inking and lettering… Good gracious! The cream of the comic book crop is about to hit the bookshops!

Tuesday, December 15 2009

The Asterix Grand Collection is Back!

The Grand Collection

In the small Brittany village that we all know and love, everyone - warriors, craftsmen, merchants and druid alike - is carrying on peacefully with their activities…. Except for one hut in which can be heard blood-curdling screams: "Haaaaaaaa! Owww! Ooohhh!"

But don't jump to conclusions: for once our bard is not the cause of this wailing. It is, in fact, our beloved leader who is once again prey to a dreadful bout of indigestion, the result of having over-indulged at the birthday banquet in honour of Asterix and Obelix!

So, for once, you won't have to sit through one of his interminable speeches, even though today's news is a matter of great importance for all Asterix fans: the Grand Collection is back!

This anthology of the Asterix adventures, restored to their full glory with fresh inking, lettering and colours, and presented for the very first time in a large format that expresses the full force of Albert Uderzo's drawings, had been relegated to the back shelf for a while.

And why, do you ask? The many projects devised to celebrate Asterix's birthday had kept the entire team mobilized for months on end; they are now thrilled at the prospect of getting back to this exceptional project.
To such a point that they are already hard at work - not on just one, but on two albums at once! We can thus present you with a preview of the covers for Asterix and the Big Fight and Asterix in Britain, both of which are to be published next year. It won't be long before we will be bringing you more news and amazing surprises!

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