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Tuesday, June 6 2006

The force is with Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix

Back in May, the respected British broadsheet The Independent did an excellent job picking France's top leisure park… Have you guessed? The paper's reporter went straight to the point by calling the article "Gaul Force": you can forget the other parks in Gaul, for this reporter, Parc Astérix is the only one worth visiting. The British have got great taste, don't you think? In all regards (rides, thrills, layout, atmosphere, food) the reporter believes the Park situated to the north of Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport to be undoubtedly the best destination, especially as it can be seen in just one day! However the reporter did have one criticism about the show Main basse sur la Joconde (Mona Lisa Goes Missing), wondering what exactly the theme has to do with Asterix… We discreetly put the question to the Park's new management, who intend once and for all to make this magical place into THE Park dedicated to Asterix and his friends. A little more effort and papers from all over the world will be writing the same thing as The Independent! The roving Viking show at the Park is already a first step towards more craziness, fun and adventures at the Park - which is still holding out, now and forever!

Thursday, April 6 2006

Parc Asterix will be giving you timandahaf!

Parc Asterix

At Parc Astérix, everything has changed and everything has remained the same. Everything is the same in that you will still find that special ambience that delivers the joy, active entertainment, fun and games that no other park can offer. Everything has changed since the future of the park, founded in 1989 by Albert Uderzo and his team at that time, is now in the hands of a new management team.
New management means a new approach, and the men and women who are toiling at this location 30 km north of Paris are very close to and protective of the values conveyed by our little guy with the moustache.

The first evidence of this is a new advertising campaign! I can't resist giving you a sneak preview of the giant posters that will be adorning subway stations, not to mention the radio spots that will have you rolling on the floor: one is about a pilot who has had a bit too much oxygen and the other about those blond Vikings. Enjoy and go in peace, my friends!
A new street show at the park will offer a special telling of the story of Justforkix and his Viking fiancée. There will be stunts, marionettes, song and dance, hucksters, and more. Everything it takes to entertain the Gaulish crowds.

And you will get an exclusive peek at construction pictures of the longship that is to serve as the stage!

Wednesday, April 14 2004

The fifteen-year anniversary of Parc Astérix

Parc Asterix

From 1989 to 2004 makes fifteen years!

Yes, it has already been fifteen years that an "Amusement Village" to the north of Paris, at the border of the Picardie region, has been valiantly resisting the menace of boredom that has sadly invaded our globalised world! This year, Parc Asterix has renovated and enhanced Asterix's Village to restore it to its place as a must-see attraction. The park draws more than two million visitors per year. Festivities and banquets have been scheduled throughout the season - something to appeal to every stripe of visitor who may be strolling along the Via Antiqua! On my latest visit, I wasn't brave enough to take another whirl on Goudurix, the big roller coaster. My wife called me a coward. I told her that I would veni and vici! Now I'll have to - whew! that park can be a tough place for guys!

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