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Tuesday, December 14 2010

Celebrate Christmas throughout the year with the Asterix Quiz!

Games and contests

For a few lucky fans Christmas has come early. For the October quiz, Virginie LOUCHEL, Ophélie HERBEZ, Isabelle BLANC, Christian BODENEZ and Brice Ménage walked away with the album Asterix in Spain, whilst Tatiana CHEVRAY, Stéphanie RUDELLE, Béa COLICHET, Alexandre BALDET and Gaétan TORCHIA won the album Cherche et Trouve Idéfix [Find Dogmatix] during November’s session.

For everyone else, the celebrations continue with several Blu-ray versions of the animated film Asterix in Britain up for grabs for those taking part in our new Quiz.

Whilst waiting for the new “live” film based on the album of the same name (planned for 2012), there is nothing quite like a return to the classics to keep us occupied!

Tuesday, November 9 2010

Asterix Games

Games and contests

Panem et Circensens, or bread and games, is Julius Caesar's slogan for keeping the populace on his side. Here in the virtual village, you are the masters of our games. In the Tournament of the Indomitables, where the 2010 season is beginning its second round, your votes are what decide the results.
In the Grand Gaulish Quiz, your answers determine who gets to engrave their names in the Hall of Fame. We are in the final straight, no more than two months before the name of the 2010 victor of this grand championship is revealed!
And last, but not least, the September Asterix Quiz has found its victors; they are Océane PITROT, Solveig BECQUE, Stéphanie ROUSSEAU, Nicolas QUESNEL and Dominique MATRAT. Your name isn't here? Try you luck at our new quiz!

Thursday, October 21 2010

Asterix Quiz

Games and contests

The classics of the Asterix series are the highlights of the Asterix Quiz! Following Asterix and Cleopatra, won by Monique Job, Malika Chouiter, Christine Meyer, Gisèle Petrolesi and Philippe Marc in the summer session, the five lucky winners of October's quiz will walk off with a copy of Asterix in Spain. That should keep them protected from a "spainful" winter!

Thursday, September 23 2010

Asterix Quiz

Games and contests

Just as the first stage of the 2010 Tournament of Indomitables reaches its peak, thanks to your many daily votes, other contests keep rolling in on Answer the five questions of our quiz this month to win a copy of La Rose et le glaive.

Winners from previous months are:

The Asterix Quiz in May: Deborah ANDREY, Nadine DURRIEU, Frédéric CLAUDEL, Fabien OLIVE and Frédéric BENISTANT won a copy of Asterix and Obelix's Birthday - The Golden Book.

The Asterix Quiz in June: Sonia TROTTIER, Sabrina MENDES, Jérémie VINCON, Maurice BELICAUD and Yves BOUDEHEN walked off with a copy of Asterix and the Soothsayer.

Friday, April 16 2010

And the winners of the Asterix Quiz are…

Games and contests

Try your luck at the Asterix Quiz – April Session and win copies of the Cherche et Trouve Astérix (“Find Asterix”) book!

And since each Asterix Quiz is a game in itself, we’ll take advantage of this occasion to reveal the lucky winners from previous sessions.

In November, a copy of Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: the Golden Book crowned the talents of Jean-Claude COHEN SOLAL, Joël CORBIC, Hadi EL-SHIBIBI, Edelweis KOLP and Clément LHEUREUX.

In December, Gael Rouxel, Patrick Veyret, Alain Charrier, Nuno Silva Reis and Nathalie Cardinal carried off a Nintendo DS video game: Asterix: These Romans are Crazy!

And in January, Annie FEUILLAS, Jean-Claude LE GOUIL, Rolland MESGUICHE, Christian KLEIN and Hélène VERDEAU were each awarded a series of Asterix and the Class Act albums in six French regional languages (Picard, Alsatian, Corsican, Gallo, Breton and Occitan). Hats off to you all!

Thursday, December 10 2009

Video Games to be Won!

Games and contests

Asterix in 2009 means 50 years of success in the world of comic books. What is less well known is that it is also marks 25 years of video game history! For proof, take the first Asterix video game, produced in 1984 under the sober title of Asterix. Now of course, given that technology has progressed over the past 25 years at the speed of light thanks to a quaff of magic potion, the screen shots of yesteryear do tend to bring an indulgent smile to our face…

But at a time when "vintage" games are now "cult" items and music from the most famous games is played in concert by symphony orchestras, we shouldn't forget that this game left its mark on history. If the truth is to be known, it even brought out a cold sweat on the brows of the most brilliant gamers since it determined the winners at the formidable national and regional championship finals that were in fashion back then.

Today, Asterix and his friends are back with a brand-new game for the Nintendo DS. "Asterix - These Romans are Crazy!" is going to test your reflexes. This "party game", as the Gauls now call them, will lead you through a series of adventures via a sort of snakes and ladders game comprised of 20 mini-games that take you through four different universes:

  • the Gaulish village
  • the Roman camp
  • the forest
  • the seashore.

Everything it takes to thrill fans of all ages and enjoy fun with your family! The game offers a 2-player mode, playing by turns on the same Nintendo DS™.

By Toutatis, now this is something to be celebrated in our virtual Village! So, throughout the month of December, five "Asterix - These Romans are Crazy!" games can be won thanks to our Asterix Quiz! Here's wishing you all good luck!

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