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Friday, January 20 2012

And the winner is...

Games and contests

Following a year of fierce confrontation which saw the most seasoned Asterix experts battle it out month after month, the final result of the Grand Gaulish Quiz has been announced: the 2011 Champion of the Known World is the talented Ineslusitana.

Next on the podium are Ix and Benjy, formidable competitors in this quiz which comprises 20 randomly selected questions and operates in a manner similar to the Formula One championship. The ten top-ranking contestants receive points every month which are then added up at the end of the year to determine the Champion. The winning individual will, in turn, see his or her name forever engraved on the virtual marble tablet of the Gaulish "Hall of Fame", located in the virtual village.

In this month of January the scoreboard has been reset in preparation for the 2012 competitors. Now is the moment to try your luck and enter the 2012 competition! If glory is not enough and you would prefer a less virtual prize, then the monthly Asterix Quiz is for you. Simply answer five questions and you may win a copy of Asterix and Obelix's Birthday - The Golden Book.

Monday, November 14 2011

The Gaulish Who's Who

Games and contests

What does he do? What's with him? Who is that? Asterix incorporates nearly 400 character names, from Absolutlifabulos to Zurix, each one funnier than the last. However, unless you are the greatest of experts, you can get lost amidst them all…

Believe us, when two giant Normans ask you to distinguish between Psychopaf and Epitaf, you are besieged with doubt and immediately start to worry about making a huge mistake… All you need is Chiffchaf to show up and then you'll really be jittery!

So, as you can see, the challenge of naming all the characters in Asterix is for specialists only. Do you consider yourself to be one? If so, now is the time to put yourself to the test by playing the Gaulish Who's Who. Demonstrate your knowledge by answering 20 randomly selected questions, in record time. Feel the need to practice a little? Brush up with our Encyclopaedia of Asterix Characters.

Friday, September 16 2011

Win Asterix albums in Creole!

Games and contests

2011 for France is the Year of Overseas Territories, and Caraïbes Editions, publisher of the Asterix albums in West Indian Creole and Réunion Creole, invites you to join the party! Throughout September, take part in our Asterix Quiz and try to win one of the five sets of the four albums translated into Creole. Up for grabs: Gran Kannal La (Asterix and the Great Divide) and La Zizanni (Asterix and the Roman Agent, of course) in West Indian Creole, and Astérix la kaz Razade (Asterix and the Magic Carpet) and Lo Dévinèr (Asterix and the Soothsayer) in Réunion Creole.

For fans, it is a translation extravaganza. For example, in Gran Kannal La, the villagers on the right side of the great divide speak Creole from Guadeloupe whilst the villagers on the left of the great divide speak Creole from Martinique. Asterix's village distinguishes itself by speaking Martinique Creole mixed with expressions taken from Guadeloupian Creole in a fashion similar to that of the West Indians from Guadeloupe and Martinique who immigrated to metropolitan France. As for the Romans, well, the publisher has conjured up an "acrolect of Creole", or indeed a "Proto-Creole"…Pretty Rock 'n' Creole, don't you think?!

In any case, there is a lot of pleasure to be had reading these albums which are already a huge success in the French overseas territories. They will also perfectly complement your Asterix lover's library!

Take part in the Asterix Quiz in Creole!

Wednesday, June 22 2011

Questions for Asterix champions!

Games and contests

It's game on! Every day, Asterix fans around the world play the Grand Gaulish Quiz, answering 20 questions selected at random from a pool of several hundred. Every month, those fans quickest to reply correctly to all 20 questions have their aliases engraved in the virtual marble of the "Gaulish Hall of Fame". Ix, Ineslusitana and Valentix, champions (nearly) always on the podium each month can now legitimately feel as proud as Getafix when he was named best Gaulish druid in the Forest of Carnutes.

All the more so with the game becoming more and more complex with the regular addition of dozens of new questions, designed to bring to the fore the most expert of Asterix experts... So are you one of them? You only have to prove it by playing the Grand Gaulish Quiz and perhaps attain a good place in the annual general ranking, topped brilliantly last year by Leskonix.

Monday, May 30 2011

Great start to the Gallic Open

Games and contests

Just as the French Open Tennis tournament - Roland Garros - is monopolising the news, 128 characters from the world of Asterix are participating in the craziest tournament of all Antiquity: the Tournament of the Indomitables!

Their fate is now in your hands: as from Monday 23rd of May you can vote, every day, for your favourite of the two characters featuring on the bill. Follow the results throughout the tournament on the competition scoreboard - updated daily by our Egyptian scorekeeper, Ptenisnet.

Winner of the last two tournaments, Obelix is once again considered a serious contender for the title. Asterix, however, himself a three-time champion, will have something to say about this… Let the voting commence for what is likely to be the sporting event of the summer!

Thursday, March 3 2011

Asterix Quiz

Games and contests

Whilst waiting for the release of the new "live" film, scheduled for 2012, there is nothing to stop you from watching once more the 1986 animated adaptation of the album Asterix in Britain! Speaking of which, five happy victors of December's Asterix Quiz have won this film…… on Blu-ray of course!

Meet the masters of the Asterix universe - this time our quiz has unearthed five experts: Nathalie VEFOUR, Sandrine DE GRAZIA, Angélique MAQUIN, Jennifer DURANTIN and Gwladys SIRACUSE. "Girl power!", cried Anticlimax.

This month it's time for the boys to catch up, what with Blu-ray copies of Operation Getafix up for grabs. Good luck everyone!

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