Thursday, October 28 2010

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By Odin, the Normans are everywhere! Their formidable drakkar sails up to the Armorican coasts, looking for skulls of vanquished warriors in which to serve their apple brandy. Frightening, right? Not for the Gauls! As one remarks: "They've all got these funny names"... Another quips, "All those names ending in -af!": as seen in our new pages devoted to Nescaf, Firsthaf, Secondhaf et Timandahaf in the Asterix Encyclopaedia!

Thursday, September 16 2010

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Although Dogmatix may star in many sketches, participating actively in the action, other animals also play a leading role in the Adventures of Asterix. The Village rooster even has a story named after it! But what, exactly, is that name? And this Roman woman: what is her name? Click on the pictures to see the answers!

Monday, April 19 2010

Raucus Hallelujachorus, a centurion taken at his word


For Raucus Hallelujachorus, centurion at the Totorum camp in Asterix in Spain, negotiating with the Gauls is a real ordeal.

But when Asterix and Obelix steal his young Iberian hostage Pepe away from him, he has no other choice than to go to the village of those crazy Gauls to recover his precious prisoner.

Knowing tact to be of the essence when dealing with the Gauls, he decides to make a discreet visit, tiptoeing quietly into the village at naptime.

But he’s out of luck: when Spurius Brontosaurus tactlessly hollers “Attack!”, triggering a counter-attack that gives the Gauls the last word in this negotiation.

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Friday, March 5 2010

Nefarius Purpus, a centurion at his wits end.


On secondment as head to the 1st legion, 3rd cohort, 2nd manipule, 1st century, Nefarius Purpus has been put through the mill with his new recruits, including an Egyptian who thinks the army is a holiday village, a Greek obsessed with renegotiating his pay and two Indomitable Gauls determined to do exactly as they please!

Asterix and Obelix, newly inducted as legionaries in an effort to free Falbala’s fiancé Tragicomix, take charge of operations with this dissipated legion and unexpectedly win a victory for Caesar against Scipio’s armies, thereby putting an end to Nefarius Purpus’s problems!

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Wednesday, February 10 2010

Gluteus Maximus, rising star


The Roman Army maintains the cult of excellence. Legionaries are duty-bound to be the best trained, the strongest, the most disciplined. So you can imagine how proud Gluteus Maximus is when he is selected to represent Rome at the Olympic Games

“I am the best!” he exclaims. Yes, but… An encounter in the forest with Gauls brimming with magic potion soon makes him forget his dreams of grandeur! Gluteus feels like a “loser” and starts vigorously sweeping the Aquarium camp instead of practicing his sport.

A good sport, Asterix finally decides to hand over his winner’s laurels and Gluteus Maximus ends up being named centurion by Caesar. And so, for once: Gloria victis, or glory to the vanquished.

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Monday, February 1 2010

A character with a dog’s life!


When the Vikings fall for a dog, it is of course a Great Dane!

Like its masters, Huntingseassen talks in a language full of Nordic typographical characters.

But whereas the Gauls don’t understand a word of the Scandinavian language, Dogmatix and Huntingseassen quickly begin exchanging friendly “woofs” and “wøøfs”.

Followed by one of the greatest fits of canine giggles of all time!

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