Wednesday, June 1 2011

A potion for the kids


Readers of the Asterix adventures since early childhood, you have always harboured a crazy dream of trying the Indomitable Gauls' magic potion!

As everyone knows, its secret is only passed on by word of mouth amongst druids and the wise Getafix has always refused to market his invention. However, a surprise awaits the children in Slovakia and the Czech Republic: the Asterix energy drink!

A fizzy drink enriched with vitamins B6 and B12 (druidic ingredients of the third millennium A.D.), the Asterix and Obelix Kids Power Drinks guarantee no taurine or caffeine. Nunc est bibendum, rejoices Pegleg!

Monday, May 9 2011

Fight the doom and gloom with Editions Hatier!


Resistance is not exclusive to the Indomitable Gauls! Living today in the Empire of stress, anxiety and bother, we need to relax a little. Thanks to the publishing house Éditions Hatier, our Gallic friends come to our rescue with two game books that are the envy of Rome!

Firstly, the Cahier des Irréductibles (Game book of the Indomitables): with the motto "Fight with fun", here are 48 pages of games and activities to help you deal with everything that is thrown at you! Further enhanced with expert advice on resistance provided by Asterix characters, this book will offer you long hours of relaxation.

Next comes 300 énigmes et jeux (300 games and puzzles): a collection of crosswords, sudoku puzzles and many other games in a 128-page game book. For those experts among you, there are special quizzes that will test your knowledge of the Asterix world. Here are definitely two new releases that will have the druids taking at their next annual gathering in the forest of Carnutes!

Thursday, April 14 2011

It's in the box!


Our Gothic relatives, readers of the Asterix albums in German, are among the biggest fans of the most famous of Gauls. In the 1960s (A.D.), the series created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo became immensely successful in Germany and has remained so to this day.

In the land of the Goths, the collection is available in two versions: hardback or paperback. Regarding the latter, storage is not always a simple matter. Now, however, Ehapa, the local publisher, has found the solution: a storage box that can stash either 5 hardback or 10 paperback albums! Discover this collector's item on Ehapa's website.

Monday, March 7 2011

Asterix toys, s'il vous Play!


Stories from yesteryear: adjustable figurines with their personalised accessories, making it possible to recreate the world and adventures of Asterix... does this ring any bells? At the beginning of the 1980's the Play Astérix collection made quite an impression. Down to the very last detail, everything was in place to help you recreate the year 50BC in your own home: a Gaulish village, a Roman camp, a fishing boat, chariots, a banquet table and even Redbeard's pirate ship, copies of which, if they have not already sunk, are probably among the most sought after by collectors.

Rediscover all this thanks to the photos on our features page.

Monday, February 28 2011

Fancy your own bust!?


For the love of Asterix! The collection of Asterix figurines by Attakus, named after Petibonum, one of the four Roman camps surrounding the Village of the Indomitables (Compendium in the English translation), is nothing less than magnificent! Four astounding busts of Asterix, Cacofonix, Getafix, and more recently, Obelix stand ready to waylay the Romans on your bookshelves!

Is there still room on your shelves? Great: a new collection known as "Olympe" has also been launched, with a first figurine representing Obelix and Dogmatix.
"Chic, chic, chic!" as Obelix would say!

And that is not all! In the upcoming year, Caesar, Cleopatra and Oleaginus will join the "Petibonum" collection while Asterix and Vitalstatistix enter the "Olympe" collection. To be continued...

Tuesday, February 22 2011

The Asterix portrait gallery


The Astérix L'Intégrale collection, from France Loisirs, is fast becoming a 'must see' for collectors! A luxury edition presenting all the Adventures of Asterix the Gaul in 18 double albums, with 18 portrait albums - each comprising 48 pages - dedicated to the series' main characters. Published only in French, this unique editorial edition is available exclusively from France Loisirs.
Despair not, as there is good news for everyone else! The Asterix portrait albums, complete with a cover that has never been seen before, are now available in German (6 albums already published and 6 new titles to be announced between now and June 2011). They will soon be available in Portuguese as well.

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