Monday, January 23 2012

Asterix thinks big!


The arrival of a new collection of Asterix figurines is always an exciting event. Even more so this time as Hachette Collection whets the appetites of Asterix aficionados with The Grand Gallery of Asterix Characters. Every fortnight, newsagents around France take delivery of a new consignment, resembling something like Santa's grotto! Each gift pack contains a set of original goodies:
a resin figurine of one of the key characters, modelled directly on a pose featured in an album panel
a hardcover booklet dedicated to the same album

More than anything, the size of the figurines is impressive, ranging from 10cm to 20cm in height, depending on the character. All you need to create your own Asterix museum at home!

The first figurine, released just a few days ago, presented Asterix and his cauldron. Currently, Getafix and his "golden menhir" are to be found at French newsagents! To find out which characters will feature next, or to subscribe and receive even more original goodies, click here. Then it's over to you to create a showcase in order to exhibit your fantastic collection!

Don't hesitate to send us photos of your displays…the very best could even find their way onto the Indomitable Blog ;-)

Monday, December 19 2011

Afternoon tea with Asterix


This time Asterix, it's a piece of cake for sure! Well, chocolate actually…and the best at that! With the end of year festivities fast approaching, Delacre has decided to spoil us with four super Asterix-themed tins full of its fabulous and totally delicious chocolates.

Basically, here in the Virtual Village, our samples of these limited edition delights didn't last long at all. The chocolates disappeared faster than Obelix can sculpt a menhir, leaving everyone with a smile on their face! Everyone that is except Impedimenta who worries that her husband will suffer another episode of heartburn, forerunner to another diet of the like prescribed in Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield…

Whilst you wait for the release of the film Asterix & Obélix in Britain, why don't you also slip into British mode and dip Delacre Asterix chocolates in your afternoon cup of tea (taken with a splash of milk of course). I say, you won't regret it, what!

Monday, November 7 2011

Plant a tree with Dogmatix!


It is a well-known fact that Dogmatix is the first canine environmentalist in history. A lover of trees, he cannot stop himself from crying when they suffer or from attacking anyone who dares harm them. Squareonthehypothenus, the Roman architect who had intended to destroy the forest in order to build his “Mansion of the Gods”, still smarts from Dogmatix’s reaction!

Nature loving and full of fun, the small dog has a new project that is particularly dear to him. From next week, in collaboration with the environmental associations Cœur de Forêt and Les Gardiens de l’Eau , the publishers Hachette and Les Editions Albert René will offer one umbrella pine tree kit with every purchase of two Asterix albums at all participating bookshops in France.

The collector’s plant pot, bearing the brand new logo “Idéfix – Ecolo et Rigolo” (“Dogmatix – Green and Grinning”), will hold three umbrella pine tree seeds (pinus pinea for those Latin scholars among you). An ideal gift from Dogmatix and his new friends, “Les Gardiens de l’Eau”. Present around the world in their mission to save the forests, these “Water Guardians” boast a motto which can but please Dogmatix: “Water is vital for trees, and trees are vital for life!”
Find out more about their adventures at and you too can become a water guardian with Cœur de Forêt.

Friday, October 21 2011

The great Asterix domino hunt has begun!


Since 14 September Asterix Domino Mania has swept through the Auchan supermarket chain! You have until 1 November to collect 36 illustrated dominos, featuring the main characters in the Adventures of Asterix, from the 130 Auchan stores around France.

How can you get hold of these dominos? Everything is explained in detail on the website, especially created for this promotion. A website overflowing with surprises such as Flash games allowing you to settle the score with Roman legionaries, or a previously unseen video that speaks volumes about the Domino Mania currently gripping the Gauls!

And for the collectors among you, a limited edition game board is available in Auchan stores: everything you need to assemble your domino collection in an out-and-out Village of the Indomitables setting!

And that’s not all…New surprises are to be announced, the nature of which will be revealed in the near future. Watch this space!

The Asterix Domino Mania website

Tuesday, September 6 2011

Get ready for the Gaulish school year


Every year, at the same time, comes the big question: what will the new Asterix school stationery and school bags look like? This year really takes the cake! To start with, Editions Oberthur has created a new Asterix in Britain collection in a run up to next year's launch of the film adapted from the album of the same title. Ring binders, diaries, times tables… All the classics have been provided!

There are brand-new innovations as well, such as the irresistible bladder-shaped zipper pulls directly inspired by the famous rugby match featured in the album! It is such details that really make the new satchels, bags and other cases. Notably, a new Dogmatix collection has been launched - our favourite pooch takes the limelight solo for the first time on notebooks, pencil sharpeners, fountain pens, pencil holders, rulers and so on…
Find images of the complete collection here.

And, if proof was needed that he is really throwing himself into this role, Dogmatix also stars in a new stationery collection in Greece which can be seen in full on our special page. It is clear that going back to school with Asterix is going to be tail-waggingly great!

Thursday, June 16 2011

The Asterix Happy Families game


The summer holidays are almost upon us and parents of little Gauls everywhere are already worrying about how they are going to occupy their little darlings during those long chariot journeys on the roads of Gaul. The answer is simple, by Toutatis: the Asterix Happy Families game!

With 42 special cards, divided into seven families of six cards, the only thing needed for some side-splitting fun are players - both young and old! The family names alone are enough to predict that a good time is going to be had by all: Asterix & Obelix, Cleopatra & Caesar (a surprising family with Brutus, Caesarion, and even Cleopatra's taster and panther!), the Gauls, the Romans, and the Friends…the Foes!

In a vertical format similar to traditional Tarot cards (130mm x 70mm to be precise), combining comfort with aesthetic pleasure, these cards come in an impressive cardboard case. And, since good things always come in threes, Hachette and Les Editions Albert René are offering the Asterix Happy Families game for free with every purchase of two Asterix albums at all participating French bookshops.

Hurry, however, as stocks are limited!

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