Tuesday, December 21 2010

Life through blue-tinted glasses


As everyone knows, blues stripes are Obelix's 'thing'. Often imitated, but never equalled, the pattern on his oversized breeches is a real trademark. To the extent that when Blu-ray DVDs descended upon us, our menhir delivery man was offended to have not been invited to the celebration feast for these disks with blue rays! Today Gaumont has redeemed itself by releasing 3 animated classics, for the first time on Blu-ray: Asterix in Britain, Asterix versus Caesar and Operation Getafix. By Toutatis, Asterix is even better in HD!
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Wednesday, November 3 2010

Asterix in 3D !


Here in the virtual village, things are coming to life! It has been announced that a new Asterix animated film (the 9th!) is set to grace the big screen in 2014. Produced by M6 Studio, it will be written and co-directed by Alexandre Astier. Great news for all fans of the little Gaul, the album selected for this adaptation is The Mansions of the Gods, the forever popular classic that has never before been transposed onto the big screen.

And when we discover that this Asterix film will benefit from 3D production for the very first time, we already start imagining the mind-blowing effects of the magic acorns created by Getafix to speed up the growth of the most majestic oak trees! And what about the legendary scene where Obelix mistakenly causes a tree to grow right in the middle of Asterix's hut? This promises to be a truly magical potion for the eyes! By Toutatis, there is no doubt that 2014 will be Asterix's year!

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Thursday, February 18 2010

Asterix heads back to the movie theatres!


Goodness gracious! A round of hot water for the entire Gaulish village! On Monday, 1 February, Les Editions Albert René and the FIDELITE production company announced an agreement for a new feature-length film.

The 4th adaptation of the Asterix Adventures is to be directed by Laurent Tirard, who will also be co-writing the script with Grégoire Vigneron, based on the album Asterix in Britain.

Already produced as an animated film in 1986, Asterix in Britain is jam-packed with unforgettable scenes that we are dying to see in real-life action: the excitement of Asterix and Obelix’s reunion at the Tower of London, an unexpected rugby match, an entire legion of wine-weary Romans, the delights of lukewarm beer and boiled boar with mint sauce, the exquisite care of the most impeccably kept lawn in the Ancient World, and the story of how tea became the Britons’ national beverage, thanks to Getafix’s well-meaning pranks....
A mythical album of which Albert Uderzo is the top fan: “In my opinion, René Goscinny’s best album will always be Asterix in Britain, thanks to an extraordinary trick that only he could have come up with since he spoke English: transforming the Britons’ speech with an English sentence structure.”

Sounds promising for the big-screen adaptation, doesn’t it? No doubt about it, Asterix’s return to the cinema is a real piece of luck!

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Tuesday, February 19 2008

Magic potion special effects for Asterix!


Click on the images to discover the backdrops before and after the addition of special effects.
Take two Gauls (and two of the greatest: Asterix and Obelix, played by Clovis Cornillac and Gérard Depardieu) conversing in front of a blue screen, trying their best to imagine a magnificent coastal backdrop under a starry sky...
Whilst the scene lacks little by way of wit, the magic of the universe created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo is cruelly absent…
How can the big screen do justice to the wealth of extraordinary landscapes depicted by Albert Uderzo in the Asterix albums?

This is where visual effects specialists come in with their "VFX". Armed with computers strong enough to power a whole empire, and the wherewithal to master any situation, they take some of the most fantastic inventions born of the unbridled imagination of Asterix's creators and bring them to life. A remarkable article from the VFX World magazine discloses the secrets behind the making of the Asterix at the Olympic Games film, described as "the biggest vfx achievement in France".
Once again, Asterix sets records tumbling: some 1,400 shots required special effects, more than the previous two films combined! Not one but three different companies (Duboi, BUF Compagnie and Mikros Image) pooled their talents to create the most ambitious film backdrops (Caesar's palace, Olympia, King Obnoxious's palace) and breathe life into all the sequences of derring-do (the chariot races, a druid whose body is spectacularly stretched to no harm, the effect of the magic potion on a horse, etc.).

The feats are manifold, from beetles, motionless on the film set and reanimated in post-production, to more than 100,000 legionaries generated virtually for Brutus's dream sequence… Further proof that adapting an Asterix adventure is akin to attempting the impossible, because of the continual struggle to reconcile the cartoony effect, and remain faithful to the comic book illustrations, and realistic action so as not to break the thread of the film.

Click on the images to discover the backdrops before and after the addition of special effects.

The conclusion of this exciting article particularly pleased us, with its comment that Asterix at the Olympic Games could mark the beginning of a new era; since employing three competing companies to share the making of vfx shots in a film had never been done before.
Such is the nature of the "real" magic potion, which never fails to unite all fans of the most famous of all Gauls around a large banquet!

Tuesday, January 29 2008

Roll out the red carpet for Asterix at the Olympic Games!


Imposing Roman statues along the façade, a red carpet, and solemn Roman guards armed with menacing pilum javelins… What could be going on then on this Sunday, 13 January 2008 A.D. on the Champs Elysées? The pavements of "the most beautiful avenue in the world", normally noticeably grand, suddenly seem terribly narrow as they welcome an enthusiastic crowd, whilst amateur photographers scramble over one another in order to take the best snap of this incredible "Caesar's palace"…

For those who are not already in the know, your ignorance can no longer be tolerated! Asterix at the Olympic Games is the film event of the year! And to mark his return to the cinema, scheduled on screens across the world on 30 January 2008, Asterix decided to do things up grand. The worldwide première thus took place on Sunday, 13 January in a Lutetian cinema entirely decorated with references to the universe created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

Let us begin with a procession of stars that would have lit up the Mount Olympus: Clovis Cornillac (Asterix), Benoît Poelvoorde (Brutus), José Garcia (Covadinpus), Stéphane Rousseau (Lovesix), Vanessa Hessler (Irina), Adriana Karembeu (Mrs Geriatrix), Alexandre Astier (Tenacius)… And of course, Julius Caesar himself, played for the first time on-screen by Alain Delon, in imperial form like never before. They all paraded before an explosion of flash bulbs, before giving exclusive interviews to the cameras of Ave TV, the Empire's television channel. Albert Uderzo, without whom none of this would have taken place, could be proud that evening of his little Gauls, invented nearly 50 years ago during a famous "brainstorming" session with his good friend René Goscinny. That this celebrated "tête-à-tête" should result in the creation of a comic book and cinematic legend is surely thanks to divine guidance from Toutatis himself!

And as the Champs Elysées shall never be large enough to welcome everyone from the Asterix fans community, is pleased to offer absolutely everyone a virtual sneak preview a few days before the film is released, thanks to our special Asterix at the Olympic Games website: the trailer, video teasers, the book of the film, photos, posters, video games, characters, special reports, competitions… All the best from Olympia!

Monday, October 8 2007

Asterix and the Vikings: the fearsome bunch is back in high definition


One year after the Asterix and the Vikings animated feature was released as a DVD, it’s back again, this time in HD DVD and Blu-Ray formats – the very latest technology, a special nod to Justforkix!
It seems that war has been declared between HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, the two high definition video formats. One would think that Tortuous Convolvulus was trying to claim victims in the upper echelons of the entertainment industry… So then, which version should you choose for your experience of the fearsome Vikings in High Definition?
Why, both of them, centurion sir! There is no way that Justforkix was going to get involved in any quarrel about the different technologies! The spirited little Lutecian, always quick to spot the latest trends, couldn’t have made his point any clearer: the Asterix and the Vikings animated feature should be available in every format. So that’s exactly what's been done: the two versions are available throughout Gaul!
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