Wednesday, December 14 2011

The Gaulish-British Alliance takes over the Media


With little less than a year to go before the release of Asterix & Obélix in Britain - planned for 17 October 2012 - Gauls and Britons are already monopolizing the headlines in France! This week, for example, it was the French television magazine Télérama. Last week it was the one o'clock news on television channel France 2, running a daily series no less, recounting different stages of the six month shoot that led renowned actors (Gérard Depardieu, Catherine Deneuve, Fabrice Luchini, Edouard Baer…among many others found on this page) from Malta to Ireland via Hungary. And the good news for any latecomers is that all the videos of this exceptional series can be found here.

It is everything you need to become acquainted with such amazing new characters as the Queen of Britain, incarnated by Catherine Deneuve; or Miss Mc Intosh and the beautiful Ophelia, played by Valérie Lemercier and Charlotte Le Bon respectively. There are some fantastic surprises to look forward to, further enhancing a screenplay adapted from the albums Asterix in Britain and Asterix and the Normans, created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

Monday, October 31 2011

Asterix boxed in!


Following the resounding success of the Asterix animated films on French television over the summer, Citel Vidéo had the great idea of creating a unique boxed set for the very first time of all eight animated films featuring our Gaulish hero.

Launched as a limited edition in France on 5 October, this long-awaited boxed set means that fans can watch again and again the most famous series of French animated films, from the very first Asterix the Gaul, released in 1967, to the most recent Asterix and the Vikings, released in 2006.

Find out more about the Asterix animated films.

Friday, September 9 2011

TNT blown away by Asterix animated films!


Historic day, record audiences, huge new success… All summer long, articles from the press concerning French TV viewing figures have had the sweet smell of victory that has undoubtedly got up that Roman nose of our dear Julius.

Every Monday, the viewing public would gather en masse in front of channel W9 in order to watch or even re-watch animated films adapted from Asterix albums. A success that presented TNT with its best ever viewing figures on 15 August, and this on the back of the record viewing figures registered during the broadcast of Asterix and the Vikings only a few months ago.

The usual star attraction of the end of year festivities, Asterix films have now also moved to conquer the summer period, with exactly the same overwhelming success. In our wildest dreams we could not have imagined a more fitting display of public affection for our favourite Gauls at a time when we were celebrating the 85th anniversary (14 August) of the birth of René Goscinny, co-creator, with Albert Uderzo, of Asterix.

Friday, May 6 2011

God save Asterix and Obelix!


This time, they have done it …Asterix and Obelix have run away! To Malta to be precise, since that is where the fourth live action Asterix movie, adapted from the album Asterix in Britain, starting shooting a few weeks ago on the 4th April.

In the shooting schedule were maritime scenes set on an exceptional stretch of water previously used in the filming of Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra. Whilst waiting to watch on the big screen - in 3D if you please - the countless disastrous attempts by Caesar and his Roman cohorts to invade Britain, here is a first photo from the set with Asterix and Obelix aboard a small boat in the Channel.

From Malta the team has made its way to Hungary where, up to the summer months, they will be shooting the interior scenes with sets that truly bring to life the most emblematic passages in the album.

Above all, the cast that we revealed to you a few months ago just keeps getting better and better. Dany Boon, Bouli Lanners, Jean Rochefort, Simon Astier and Gérard Jugnot have joined the already stellar cast of Gérard Dépardieu, Catherine Deneuve, Edouard Baer, Fabrice Luchini, Valérie Lemercier, Guillaume Gallienne, Charlotte Lebon and Vincent Lacoste! Given all this talent, the new Asterix movie should walk away with a French film industry award - if not …well, the judges should pay a visit to Psychoanalytix!

Credits : © François DARMIGNY / DR / DR / DR / DR

Thursday, February 24 2011

The Gauls on film!


Dubbelosix is up to his old tricks! Sent by Caesar to spy on preparations for the upcoming 3D cinematic adaptation of Asterix in Britain, he brought back a strange souvenir. Dear old Julius is unconvinced…

What is it exactly? Is it a tapestry of an abstract expressionist painting? A piece of the carpet from the producer's office? Not at all! It is, in fact, samples of the fabrics being tested for the costumes of our dear Bretons, Caledonians and other Hibernians!

Monday, January 10 2011

Imperial cast for Asterix 4!


The year couldn't get off to a better start! A dream cast has just been announced for the next Asterix movie, to be directed by Laurent Tirard and due for release in 2012! The craziest rumours have been swirling around the Web in recent months announcing all the greatest French actors in the role of Asterix, one after the other.

So, who will be accompanying the indispensable Gérard Depardieu in this adaptation of the Asterix in Britain album crossed with the best of Asterix and the Normans? Find the answer in images on our special Asterix film casting page!

Credits: © Richard SCHROEDER / © Pathe Distribution / DR / DR / UBBA

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