The arrival of a new collection of Asterix figurines is always an exciting event. Even more so this time as Hachette Collection whets the appetites of Asterix aficionados with The Grand Gallery of Asterix Characters. Every fortnight, newsagents around France take delivery of a new consignment, resembling something like Santa's grotto! Each gift pack contains a set of original goodies:
a resin figurine of one of the key characters, modelled directly on a pose featured in an album panel
a hardcover booklet dedicated to the same album

More than anything, the size of the figurines is impressive, ranging from 10cm to 20cm in height, depending on the character. All you need to create your own Asterix museum at home!

The first figurine, released just a few days ago, presented Asterix and his cauldron. Currently, Getafix and his "golden menhir" are to be found at French newsagents! To find out which characters will feature next, or to subscribe and receive even more original goodies, click here. Then it's over to you to create a showcase in order to exhibit your fantastic collection!

Don't hesitate to send us photos of your displays…the very best could even find their way onto the Indomitable Blog ;-)