Following a year of fierce confrontation which saw the most seasoned Asterix experts battle it out month after month, the final result of the Grand Gaulish Quiz has been announced: the 2011 Champion of the Known World is the talented Ineslusitana.

Next on the podium are Ix and Benjy, formidable competitors in this quiz which comprises 20 randomly selected questions and operates in a manner similar to the Formula One championship. The ten top-ranking contestants receive points every month which are then added up at the end of the year to determine the Champion. The winning individual will, in turn, see his or her name forever engraved on the virtual marble tablet of the Gaulish "Hall of Fame", located in the virtual village.

In this month of January the scoreboard has been reset in preparation for the 2012 competitors. Now is the moment to try your luck and enter the 2012 competition! If glory is not enough and you would prefer a less virtual prize, then the monthly Asterix Quiz is for you. Simply answer five questions and you may win a copy of Asterix and Obelix's Birthday - The Golden Book.