Grand figurines, Grand Collection… there can be no doubt that 2012 A.D. is going to be a GRAND year for Asterix! Starting on 18 January when the legendary album Asterix in Corsica will make its debut in the Grand Collection and will be the highlight in bookshops throughout France. The restored inking and new colouring showcase better than ever the sheer genius of Albert Uderzo's drawing talents, brilliantly exemplified in the rendering of the Corsican scrubland. The field trip taken with René Goscinny proved extremely worthwhile!

The gags pile up like arguments amongst Corsican chieftains and they haven't aged a bit! Reviewing the albums - often for the first time since their creation - in order to validate the new editions, Albert Uderzo is bowled over: "I should reread the albums more often - René's ideas are truly terrific!"

In total, four new titles will join the Grand Collection this year; a collection incidentally that is expanding on the international level. Following on Germany, these completely restored large format versions are now available in Spain, and in three languages at that…Castilian, Catalan and Basque! Enough to guarantee hours of reading by the fireside on those harsh Iberian evenings!