January 2012

Monday, January 23 2012

Asterix thinks big!


The arrival of a new collection of Asterix figurines is always an exciting event. Even more so this time as Hachette Collection whets the appetites of Asterix aficionados with The Grand Gallery of Asterix Characters. Every fortnight, newsagents around France take delivery of a new consignment, resembling something like Santa's grotto! Each gift pack contains a set of original goodies:
a resin figurine of one of the key characters, modelled directly on a pose featured in an album panel
a hardcover booklet dedicated to the same album

More than anything, the size of the figurines is impressive, ranging from 10cm to 20cm in height, depending on the character. All you need to create your own Asterix museum at home!

The first figurine, released just a few days ago, presented Asterix and his cauldron. Currently, Getafix and his "golden menhir" are to be found at French newsagents! To find out which characters will feature next, or to subscribe and receive even more original goodies, click here. Then it's over to you to create a showcase in order to exhibit your fantastic collection!

Don't hesitate to send us photos of your displays…the very best could even find their way onto the Indomitable Blog ;-)

Friday, January 20 2012

And the winner is...

Games and contests

Following a year of fierce confrontation which saw the most seasoned Asterix experts battle it out month after month, the final result of the Grand Gaulish Quiz has been announced: the 2011 Champion of the Known World is the talented Ineslusitana.

Next on the podium are Ix and Benjy, formidable competitors in this quiz which comprises 20 randomly selected questions and operates in a manner similar to the Formula One championship. The ten top-ranking contestants receive points every month which are then added up at the end of the year to determine the Champion. The winning individual will, in turn, see his or her name forever engraved on the virtual marble tablet of the Gaulish "Hall of Fame", located in the virtual village.

In this month of January the scoreboard has been reset in preparation for the 2012 competitors. Now is the moment to try your luck and enter the 2012 competition! If glory is not enough and you would prefer a less virtual prize, then the monthly Asterix Quiz is for you. Simply answer five questions and you may win a copy of Asterix and Obelix's Birthday - The Golden Book.

Wednesday, January 18 2012

The Grand Collection just keeps getting bigger!

The Grand Collection

Grand figurines, Grand Collection… there can be no doubt that 2012 A.D. is going to be a GRAND year for Asterix! Starting on 18 January when the legendary album Asterix in Corsica will make its debut in the Grand Collection and will be the highlight in bookshops throughout France. The restored inking and new colouring showcase better than ever the sheer genius of Albert Uderzo's drawing talents, brilliantly exemplified in the rendering of the Corsican scrubland. The field trip taken with René Goscinny proved extremely worthwhile!

The gags pile up like arguments amongst Corsican chieftains and they haven't aged a bit! Reviewing the albums - often for the first time since their creation - in order to validate the new editions, Albert Uderzo is bowled over: "I should reread the albums more often - René's ideas are truly terrific!"

In total, four new titles will join the Grand Collection this year; a collection incidentally that is expanding on the international level. Following on Germany, these completely restored large format versions are now available in Spain, and in three languages at that…Castilian, Catalan and Basque! Enough to guarantee hours of reading by the fireside on those harsh Iberian evenings!

Wednesday, January 11 2012

Enlist with Google+ !

The official asterix.com website

Alb17P6C4.jpgGoogleplus… It does sound like a Roman’s name, doesn’t it? But no legionary involved here, we rather talk about a new social web tool to keep track of all Indomitable friends around the Known World.

Here you’ll find other great Asterix news and videos, such as an incredible Oumpah-Pah an animated film pilot made in the sixties!

So, you know what you have to do now: enlist with Googleplus!

Wednesday, January 4 2012

Asterix on show with the Goths

Press review

For more than 40 years, Germany has welcomed each and every Asterix album with much warmth and enthusiasm, and sales of the German-language version of the collection rival those of the collection published in French. This goes to show that our cousins from across the Rhine are not angry with Getafix for having used his magic potion to incite the infamous "Asterixian Wars"… On the contrary, further proof of their special bond with the most famous Gaul of them all is provided by the Asterix and the Celts exhibition currently on display at the World Cultural Heritage Site of the Völklingen Ironworks, near Saarbrücken.

Between Saturday, 17 December 2011 and 9 April 2012, more than 300 exhibits are on show in the exceptional surroundings of the Blower Hall, where archaeological artefacts dating from the time of the Gallic War dialogue with storylines and illustrations taken from Asterix.

For this special occasion, Albert Uderzo and Anne Goscinny have opened their private archives, enabling organisers to offer the greatest number of Asterix plate and storyboard facsimiles ever assembled for an exhibition. Displayed in their original format, significantly larger than the versions printed in the albums, the inked and sketched illustrations of Albert Uderzo are all the more fascinating. As regards René Goscinny's working papers, and the typewriter with which he wrote the first 24 Asterix albums, they offer a particularly moving perspective on the creative process behind the adventures of the small Gaul with the winged helmet.

Not forgetting, of course, this art show - like nothing you have seen before - with the principal parodies of famous masterpieces found in the Asterix albums, printed on large-format canvas. These museums are crazy!

Two wonders from 1959 A.D. facsimiled and presented in the exhibition: René Goscinny's initial handwritten notes featuring the names of the characters, and Albert Uderzo's first sketches of Asterix.

Asterix and the Celts
Price of admission: 12 Euros, reduced price: 10 Euros. School classes: 3 Euros per person. Families (children and adolescents up to 16 years of age accompanied by two adults): 25 Euros
Visitor services : Tel: +49 (0) 6898 9100 100 - Fax: +49 (0) 6898 9100 111
visit@voelklinger-huette.org - www.voelklinger-huette.org

Monday, January 2 2012

Asterix: Back to School in Mantes-la-Jolie

Press review

"Our ancestors the Gauls…": a lesson taught to all our little darlings in the history classroom. Well, not entirely all of them because in the French town of Mantes-la-Jolie, not far from Lutetia, the Gauls are still making history today. In fact, over the past few days, the library at the Albert Uderzo school has been decorated like never before, inspired by 11 illustrations of Asterix and his friends, including Jehan Pistolet and Oumpah-Pah.

To celebrate this event, Albert Uderzo personally visited the school on 10 December to inaugurate this Asterix-themed library, five years after having given his name to the establishment. A library richly equipped, as it should be, with Asterix albums.

And the party goes on in Mantes-la-Jolie: from 10 December to 10 January, the media library Médiathèque Duhamel is running a free exhibition dedicated to Oumpah-Pah. This first character created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo is currently making a comeback in bookshops. The Shavashavah in Mantes-la-Jolie, by Toutatis!

Photos: Bulles de Mantes Association