December 2011

Thursday, December 29 2011

Happy Holidays with Asterix!

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Here in the Village, we know our banquets! For the end-of-year festivities, we have thought of everything: tins of Delacre chocolates, the new typically British collection of lucky Asterix charms created by Arguydal, the complete collection of animated films to celebrate the New Year Gaulish style, the French post office's Asterix in Britain calendar to help prepare for 2012…there is something for everybody!

Not to mention, of course, our Indomitable friends around the world, to whom we can send festive wishes thanks to the Asterix New Year e-cards. We wish you all a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21 2011

Etching with Albert Uderzo

Press review

Have you heard of the game Exquisite Corpse? Well, it is a game created by the Surrealists the objective of which is to compose a complete sentence or art object with a number of participants adding to the composition in turn. The game can also be based on drawings instead of words in which case you might have "Exquisite Etchings".

It was a game of this ilk that the talented team of Claire Bretécher, Jean-Claude Fournier, André Franquin and Albert Uderzo (no less!) were filmed playing one day in 1972 for a French TV programme aptly titled "Tac au Tac" (Tit for Tat). Albert Uderzo produced three illustrations of Obelix, to which the other players added in turn as they sought to trap our favourite menhir delivery man, preventing Albert Uderzo from providing a suitable riposte on his return to the illustrations. Uderzo had to find and draw a solution to each trap, on the spot!

And he did so brilliantly, saving his favourite menhir delivery man from all three traps with a single ingenious riposte by formulating an equation along with a diet recommendation. Learn more at this address.

A big thank you to Jean-Yves Ferri who, when he is not working on the next Asterix album, reviews his classics online and had the great idea of informing us of this historic programme. Happy viewing!

Monday, December 19 2011

Afternoon tea with Asterix


This time Asterix, it's a piece of cake for sure! Well, chocolate actually…and the best at that! With the end of year festivities fast approaching, Delacre has decided to spoil us with four super Asterix-themed tins full of its fabulous and totally delicious chocolates.

Basically, here in the Virtual Village, our samples of these limited edition delights didn't last long at all. The chocolates disappeared faster than Obelix can sculpt a menhir, leaving everyone with a smile on their face! Everyone that is except Impedimenta who worries that her husband will suffer another episode of heartburn, forerunner to another diet of the like prescribed in Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield…

Whilst you wait for the release of the film Asterix & Obélix in Britain, why don't you also slip into British mode and dip Delacre Asterix chocolates in your afternoon cup of tea (taken with a splash of milk of course). I say, you won't regret it, what!

Friday, December 16 2011

What a come back for Oumpah-Pah!


Yak Yak Yak! 60 years after they were created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, the Shavashavah tribe are on the attack! The initial print run of Oumpah-Pah - L'Intégrale, published mid-October in France, is already very nearly sold out. This is a just reward for the Indian tribe's adventures, a humorous forerunner for the Asterix to come and a wonderful illustration of how René Goscinny's irresistible verbal inventions complemented the virtuosity of Albert Uderzo's illustrations.

And, as we never tire of the adventures of Oumpah-Pah and his friend Hubert de la Pâte Feuilletée, we are busy preparing new surprises for you in the upcoming weeks and months. In the meantime, may Nanabozho the Great Rabbit watch over you!

Wednesday, December 14 2011

The Gaulish-British Alliance takes over the Media


With little less than a year to go before the release of Asterix & Obélix in Britain - planned for 17 October 2012 - Gauls and Britons are already monopolizing the headlines in France! This week, for example, it was the French television magazine Télérama. Last week it was the one o'clock news on television channel France 2, running a daily series no less, recounting different stages of the six month shoot that led renowned actors (Gérard Depardieu, Catherine Deneuve, Fabrice Luchini, Edouard Baer…among many others found on this page) from Malta to Ireland via Hungary. And the good news for any latecomers is that all the videos of this exceptional series can be found here.

It is everything you need to become acquainted with such amazing new characters as the Queen of Britain, incarnated by Catherine Deneuve; or Miss Mc Intosh and the beautiful Ophelia, played by Valérie Lemercier and Charlotte Le Bon respectively. There are some fantastic surprises to look forward to, further enhancing a screenplay adapted from the albums Asterix in Britain and Asterix and the Normans, created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.