November 2011

Thursday, November 17 2011

Albert Uderzo introduces his team

Press review

Over the past few weeks, the newspapers have been full of an exciting bit of news: the revelation by Albert Uderzo of the names of his collaborators on the latest Asterix album! The comic book series, created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, will continue to delight its many readers! Reaching every corner of the globe, inciting impassioned commentary in online forums, this information has proven a real bombshell, reported on some occasions without due care: errors in the authors' names or roles, for example, and, in one instance, the television broadcast the picture of a brother instead the author himself… No doubt Obelix would say "The press are all crazy!"

The star team of Jean-Yves Ferri, Albert Uderzo and Frédéric Mébarki meet up at Albert Uderzo's home to work on the new album.

Albert Uderzo has therefore decided to use this Missive to personally introduce the two talented authors who are currently working on a new Asterix album under his direction. "The illustrator, Frédéric Mébarki, has been responsible for my inkings for nigh-on 30 years", confides Albert. "He has also illustrated my characters for use in merchandising whilst I concentrated on the Asterix albums. Suffice to say, he is uniquely experienced in creating Asterix illustrations!"

The collaboration with Jean-Yves Ferri, the excellent scriptwriter of the successful comic book series Retour à la Terre (Back to Nature), created in collaboration with Manu Larcenet, is more recent but it immediately set sparks flying! "Jean-Yves is a very talented young man", says Albert. "His album De Gaulle à la plage (De Gaulle at the Beach ) is very successful; I couldn't stop laughing. I also like his comic book series Aimé Lacapelle a lot, and grandma Lacapelle's face proves that he is also a talented illustrator! Jean-Yves has a sense of humour all of his own but which can be adapted to Asterix. I laughed so much when I heard his initial idea… I wish I had had the idea myself."

It all looks highly promising! As readers, however, we will have to be patient as there remains a lot of hard work for this talented trio currently beavering away on this future album. So, as they say in the comic strips: To be continued…

Final rehearsal before presenting the new plates to Albert:
Jean-Yves Ferri and Frédéric Mébarki review the benchmark
albums in the offices of Les Editions Albert René!

Monday, November 14 2011

The Gaulish Who's Who

Games and contests

What does he do? What's with him? Who is that? Asterix incorporates nearly 400 character names, from Absolutlifabulos to Zurix, each one funnier than the last. However, unless you are the greatest of experts, you can get lost amidst them all…

Believe us, when two giant Normans ask you to distinguish between Psychopaf and Epitaf, you are besieged with doubt and immediately start to worry about making a huge mistake… All you need is Chiffchaf to show up and then you'll really be jittery!

So, as you can see, the challenge of naming all the characters in Asterix is for specialists only. Do you consider yourself to be one? If so, now is the time to put yourself to the test by playing the Gaulish Who's Who. Demonstrate your knowledge by answering 20 randomly selected questions, in record time. Feel the need to practice a little? Brush up with our Encyclopaedia of Asterix Characters.

Monday, November 7 2011

Plant a tree with Dogmatix!


It is a well-known fact that Dogmatix is the first canine environmentalist in history. A lover of trees, he cannot stop himself from crying when they suffer or from attacking anyone who dares harm them. Squareonthehypothenus, the Roman architect who had intended to destroy the forest in order to build his “Mansion of the Gods”, still smarts from Dogmatix’s reaction!

Nature loving and full of fun, the small dog has a new project that is particularly dear to him. From next week, in collaboration with the environmental associations Cœur de Forêt and Les Gardiens de l’Eau , the publishers Hachette and Les Editions Albert René will offer one umbrella pine tree kit with every purchase of two Asterix albums at all participating bookshops in France.

The collector’s plant pot, bearing the brand new logo “Idéfix – Ecolo et Rigolo” (“Dogmatix – Green and Grinning”), will hold three umbrella pine tree seeds (pinus pinea for those Latin scholars among you). An ideal gift from Dogmatix and his new friends, “Les Gardiens de l’Eau”. Present around the world in their mission to save the forests, these “Water Guardians” boast a motto which can but please Dogmatix: “Water is vital for trees, and trees are vital for life!”
Find out more about their adventures at and you too can become a water guardian with Cœur de Forêt.

Friday, November 4 2011

New additions to the Grand Collection

The Grand Collection

While Oumpah-Pah has been making headlines, Asterix has not been twiddling his thumbs. Two new French language albums have just appeared in the Asterix Grand Collection: Asterix and the Cauldron and Asterix in Spain.

Although, as everyone knows, each year the weather becomes “more spainful”, those long winter evenings are going to be full of fun this year thanks to these two fully restored, large format albums (new colours, restored inking and lettering).

Restoration work is continuing on the remainder of the collection and further magnificent publications are due out next year. Watch this space...

All you need to know about the Asterix Grand Collection

Wednesday, November 2 2011

Oumpah-Pah back on the warpath!


Nanabozho, the Great Rabbit, can't believe it...Oumpah-Pah, Two Scalp and those ghastly Flatfeet have returned to bookshops in France! Released on 12 October, the complete collection of the adventures of Oumpah-Pah the Indian, created by our dynamic duo Goscinny and Uderzo, will delight every reader. And if any proof was needed, the very first of those readers picked up his telephone to share his reaction with us: "What talent that René had!" exclaimed Albert Uderzo, "I hadn't read Oumpah-Pah for years and I can honestly say it's been a long time since I had so much fun!"

And there is every reason to enjoy it, what with all the ingredients of Asterix's fun-filled magic potion already found in the Oumpah-Pah mix: comic repetition, word and language play, parodies of famous songs, invocations of exotically named gods, anachronistic cultural references, the comic rewriting of history…. Not to mention the exceptional expressive and dynamic illustration that uniquely encapsulates the realistic and comic talents.

Aside from the five Oumpah-Pah adventures and the very first version of the comic strip created several years before the first publication, Oumpah-Pah - The Complete Collection offers, for the first time in an album, rare and special documents taken from the personal collections of Albert Uderzo and Anne Goscinny. These include illustrations produced for the Journal de Tintin magazine, typescripts, handwritten notes and sketches from René Goscinny, Oumpah-Pah record sleeves, and more.

Oumpah-Pah - The Complete Collection thus offers 192 pages of comic strips, to be discovered on our special webpage and available now in bookshops. It is a wonderful tribute to the work of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo at this time when we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the meeting of the greatest duo in comic book history. Big Bison has spoken!

Oumpah-Pah - The Complete Collection

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